The tiranga flying high gives makes me feel proud for our country.

The Indian National Flag represents a strong desire for advancement of our country and Ashok Chakra in the middle of the flag shows that we continue to march forward for the country’s progress. It is the symbol of our national pride. It lives to keep the tricolour flying in its full glory. The significance of the three colours of our flag is amazing.

Ms.Alpa Mathur (Vice Principal-St.Kabir School, Drive in Branch)


Tiranga. It’s something that I can’t even express with words. The best patriotic feeling I’ve ever had. Tiranga is not only about waving it on Independence Day but also the emotion, the feeling to respect it every single day of the year. It’s the self-esteem, which is extremely precious to me. Because of our freedom fighters, who literally sacrificed their lives for us, our country India has the flag which has the special vibration and power to make a mind peaceful. Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!

~ Tanisha Shevkani (8th C  , St. Kabir School, Drive-in)


Tiranga means a lot to me.  When I see the Tiranga waving gracefully in the air, I get a feeling of bravery, peace and unity. Tiranga gives me an inspiration to work for my country, and do something good for it. I feel so proud by looking at where my country is now and what its future may be. My respect and love for my country and motherland is what this beautiful flag, Tiranga means to me.

-Tanushka Kuldeep Karnik (8th C  St. Kabir School)


‘Tiranga’ – A symbol of Pride for every citizen of India. It is a hope and aspiration for us. It unites all the states, religions, castes, languages. When the tri-colour flag flies in the open blue sky, it becomes a symbol of honour, patriotism and freedom for the country.
Our national flag is the combination of three colours. Saffron, white and green spread over the Tiranga equally. Each colour has its own significance and inspires us.
I express my feelings for our Tiranga with this quote said by someone –
“ Our national flag is our Pride, Let’s unfurl it worldwide.”
Jai Hind.

– Ms. Sushmita Chakrabarti

Tiranga means the light to me. Tiranga is something I respect and admire the most. It represents the beauty and the diverse culture of India. India is a country with full of festivals, love, unity and positivity and the Tiranga represents this adorable country of ours. It consists of three colors and the Ashok Chakra in the middle. Tiranga is filled with proud feelings for every Indian citizen, For me it means the Dignity of my country.

-Tanishi Kumar (IX C ST. Kabir School DIA)





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