Hindi Literature is one of the greatest aspects of the Indian Heritage.

And Hindi Poetry is one of its kinds which highlights the Indian values and culture.

For years, we have been conducting Interclass Poem Recitation Competition at branch level.

To celebrate this richness together with the students and to take it a level ahead, this year St Kabir School has organized Online Inter-branch Hindi Poem Recitation Competition to be judged by eminent personalities of the Literature World on 16th January, 2021 at 10.00 am.

And guess what…..?

We will go LIVE on our YouTube channel

ST KABIR SCHOOL, AHMEDABAD MEGA EVENTS” while the competition is on!

So, be ready to view the talented Kabirians recite the poems of renowned as well as contemporary poets to their best as the four branches battle it out for the title of ‘WINNER BRANCH’!!





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