Road safety is of prime importance for each of us and our safety on the road can only be ensured when we abide by the traffic rules.

Road traffic safety regulations are very important as they ensure that all road users follow a code of conduct to avoid accidents. They give us the necessary instructions on how we should act when we are on the road to keep ourselves and others safe.

By educating the people about road safety, we can significantly reduce the number of accidents and minimize injuries.

Hence to spread awareness about road safety, students of VI as well as VIII of St Kabir School Drive In Branch conducted a special assembly on road safety measures to be followed to avoid any mishaps and explained the significance of different road safety signs through a speech, skit, PowerPoint presentations and  sang catchy tunes.

Even on the Multidisciplinary presentation days, the students reinforced the safety rules to be followed on road with the parents too. 

Kabirians understood the importance of traffic rules and pledged to follow the traffic rules and regulations to ensure everyone’s safety.

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