My India , My Dreams

Name – Kriday Bhojani                                                                         

Class – 6A

School – ST. Kabir School,  Drive In – A Block                                                                     

My India , My Dreams

My India, Our India, we all are Indians and we all should be proud of it.

My dreams about India is that one day which will come sooner will have India at the peak of every asset in terms of economic, GDP, arms , Pharma and major thing inventions and traditions . India will become a world superpower in upcoming years but for that we all need to be awakened about it . Taking care about our country because our country is also trying its best to provide as much luxury as it could. India has so much potential to become a superpower because India is trying to grow in everything, so my dream about is to I want to see India to be a world superpower and be peaceful.

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