At St. Kabir High school, Navrangpura, to help students keep up with the lightning-pace of today’s modern markets, 21 century skills are made regular part of their studies. These skills are divided into 3 categories- Learning Skills, Literacy Skills and Life skills.

To inculcate these skills a pot decoration activity was planned for the students. They decorated the pots with the messages to create awareness and learning.

The school reopened after the lockdown period of almost one year. Along with their academic aspect we had to divert our students towards the aesthetic aspects. Keeping in mind 21st century skills, we decided to explore their ideas through some art activity. When students are allowed to make their own choices, it increase motivation, and they put in more effort which leads to better learning outcomes. Different Environmental themes were also given to students. On the basis of those themes, students explored their creativity and beautifully portrayed their emotions in form of Pot paintings.

Various art forms of India, like Mandala Art, Warli painting, Madhubani also formed a part of their activity.

Children created beautiful and inspiring combination of colors and patterns in different designs on pots


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