We are proud to belong to a country well known for its multitude of cultures and rich mythology – the backbone of Indian culture. It is our endeavor to bring forth the different elements of Indian culture through a Mythological Quiz, which we hope will be influential in encouraging students of all schools to go through a myriad of mythological stories to promote educational and recreational reading.

As an annual feature, Inter School Mythological Quiz Competition “Bhavatu Bhaaratam – 9” will be conducted by St. Kabir School, Ahmedabad on Sat 11th Dec 2021 from 9:00 am to 12:00. 15 leading schools from different parts of the country with 4 students each will be participating in this Quiz which will begin with a preliminary written round. Participants will join through the zoom platform and the audience will be able to watch the telecast through live youtube streaming. Top 6 teams of this written round will qualify for the stage round. Various innovative & interesting themes for different rounds of the Quiz have been planned.

Good Luck to all the participants!!!

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