A Trip to Balasinor Fossil Park (DIO)

Kabirians visited Balasinor fossil park on 12th Feb 2019 which is India’s 2nd largest fossil park. It took about 2 hours to reach  the place. There we had our breakfast and then we continued our journey to fossil park which was about 15km away from the palace. There we met Alia Babi ,a Palaeontologist.

She showed us the fossil site which was 65 million years old and taught us about how to identify the fossils. There we saw fossils of 2 dinosaurs Rajasaures and Raiyolisaures. She had given us brushes and some tips like: If a stone has fibrous structure it might be a fossil. We  were told  to find some fossils ourselves. Then we saw  many fossils of dinosaur like:

Femur – Part of leg
Vertebrae – Part of back bone
Sternum – Part of chest  etc.
We came to know interesting facts about dinosaurs’ heart like:
 The heart of dinosaurs can pump 90 Liters of blood.
We were shown  the eggs of dinosaurs which were embedded in rocks.

Palaeontologist  had some eggs in her collection and we were lucky enough to hold them in our hands. The eggs have 5-6 layers and each layer has pores in it. We learnt many things about Palaeontology like:

How to identify the fossils.
We learnt about eggs of dinosaurs.

Then we had our lunch at the palace after which  we came back to our school. It was a  memorable educational  trip.

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