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Std VI Feedback of parents


St Kabir School has taken a very good step to make all the children learn. I am so thankful .During the period of lockdown I was very worried about the studies of Alishma but couple of days later school started online classes. Teachers are working very hard for our kids. It is excellent methods to make kids learn. Children are enjoying very much.Zoom classes are also very good.  Teachers are taking so much pain for our children. Thank you for taking this essential step.

Thank you very much St.Kabir team..

Alishma’s mother VI Std


In the starting session kids were not serious because it was a new and very different method of learning and more over they were not aware of the current situation. With the passing time they are also learning a lot from the life … now they are taking things seriously and concentrating .Now I don’t have to remind him for his classes. He himself gets on time for his daily classes…so a very big thank you to all the teachers who are working so hard for our kids..

Aatif Munshi’s parent VI Std


Thanks to all the teachers and Renu Mam for this initiative.
 Through Zoom classes kids are kept engaged in learning as well as other activities, also they are in touch with school and friends.
   It is innovative way of teaching.

Manav Sachdev’s parent VI Std


Thank you teachers for your constant teaching, encouragement and support  through zoom and Google classroom. Students were also interested. St Kabir surely deserve a big thanks for everything in such difficult situations

Tatsat Vaishya’s mother VI Std


Mam Google classroom teaching is a very good technological and intelligent step taken by St.Kabir .In this intense period of lockdown it is a good way of keeping them busy and making them remember things that they have learnt in the std 5 and it is also a very good means of communication. The Google Classroom creates an environment of the class and they can also freely talk with their friends and as of now it also makes them particular in waking up and doing their routine work very timely .If Mantra used to get late a minute he would just rush to the laptop and would just leave everyone and stay focused in the studies and the videos that are sent to them are very knowledgeable and interesting. The quizzes that are regularly asked are excellent .Last but not the least how can we forget about the efforts of the class teachers , subject teachers , supervisors and Renu Mam .It is an excellent effort taken by the St.Kabir School and I am extremely happy with the school for they have organised such a painstaking event to make the children to be a good human in the future .Well done  St.Kabir School .

Mantra Pandya’s parent VI Std


STD VII Feedback of parents


 Now a days  the entire world is under  fear of covid 19. Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has declared lockdown since 23 March in entire country. When we look at the routine life of surrounding we feel our entire life is stopped. Children are very innocent. They are unaware of the after effects of current situation. We have seen many children passing time in front of TV  and talking on phones. But as we have seen St Kabir is always different from other routines , the way of teaching online is really appreciable. Children are with the main stream. It is said ” out of field out of mind ” – means if you are not in field your mind becomes ideal. I appreciate the way St Kabir has accepted and children also will realize in the future.


Tanisha’s Mother.VII Std


It’s actually very good initiative and very worthy. I am proud of the School as we are actually tensed about their studies even in this type of tough situation. I would like to thank all the teachers who are taking out time for us in their busy life.

Nishka’s Mother.VII Std


Dear teachers a big thank you for the astounding job you provide our children. Our respect and admiration for you cannot be expressed in words. Your efforts to provide online solutions and teachings are great and students will remember this for many years to come. Thank you for creating a space for our children to be themselves, and for being a positive example in their lives.

By:mother of Zohaib Hussain.VII Std


We really are thankful to the efforts taken by the teachers and the school. All the activities which are done through Google and zoom classes are  interesting and innovative. During this covid 19 outbreak lockdown this is the best way to be busy. So thank you to our and the teachers

By : Dev Ruparelia’s parent VII Std


STD VIII Feedback of parents


I am obliged to see all the teachers keeping high efforts to   support children with the best possible in so hard times and to keep them in touch with the studies. A brilliant idea   carried out by all the staff members to make children comfortable with the studies as well as they are seeking a  lot of  knowledge through this activities.  A special thanks to Praveena mam and Renu mam for motivating children.

Khanak Mehta’s parent VIII Std


The efforts of all the teacher’s and supervisor’s are really commendable. The worksheets, videos and online quizzes are helpful to the students especially in such times. In addition to that the videos are interesting and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the new session started on zoom from today. Special thanks to the teacher’s for making the most out of technology. Hats off to the team of St.kabir.

Saumya Shah VIII Std


My daughter Prey of 8B really enjoys the online classes due to its convenience and flexibility. Online courses give students the opportunity to plan study time around the rest of their day, instead of the other way around. Students can study and work at their convenience. Skillful teaching and many values like mindfulness and gratitude activities are shared which ultimately benefits them. So I am surely with a positive review with online teaching 

 Preya’s parents VIII Std


Mam Mahek is doing all her work given by school and she is enjoying doing online classroom, thanks to all teachers and management for finding online classes. I must add that the activities like  Mindfulness activity, Gratitude activity etc.. are so very effective. As teachers are trying to inculcate these things in students, its impact is great. Thanks to the entire team of St. Kabir School. 

Mahek’s parents VIII Std

STD IX Feedback of parents


Today’s zoom session was very good and helpful. We thank teachers to conduct such interactive classes. Before I as a parent of 10th class student was in tension.

But wowww our school find such latest technology to teach and interact with students. Hats off to teachers as well for their hard work and wish to teach in such a hard circumstances.

Ananya’s parents IX Std


Three cheers for our school teacher warriors

We sincerely appreciate all teachers’ efforts and hard work to keep learning unstoppable. I really liked the promptness in starting online education. The school closed down on 19th March and Google classroom was set up on 21st March!! So prompt!

Thank you one and all!

Shaivi’s parents IX Std


Mam today’s zoom classroom was a new experience for them and it didn’t feel different because it was just like sitting in their class with their teachers and friends and thank you Mam for such arrangement.

Maharsh’s mother IX Std


Thank you Mam, zoom class was amazing experience for all of us. We all enjoyed it. Learning in this new way was also wonderful. Great initiative. Children can utilise their precious time in learning. After  a gap of some days decision taken by St. Kabir is really benefitial for  the students since they are going to go in 10th board!

Dhriti’s parents IX Std



1.   Hello and good evening.. !
At the outset, I hope, this letter / feedback find you all in a good health and happiness. The entire world, including our Country – India is passing through the most difficult time which we have ever witnessed in our lifetime owing to
the menace of Corona Virus. As we all aware that at present we are fighting against an invisible enemy
Corona Virus (Covid-19), and the only way to fight with this invisible enemy,
it is by doing nothing, just stay home, stay home and stay home.
Considering the gravity of the situation prevailing not only in the State of Gujarat but also in the entire nation and across the world, a vital decision of taking an online, or you can say the virtual class by way of a Zoom Cloud
and E-Class, in our consideration, i-s ONE OF THE BEST decision ever taken by any other School or institutions. So, here is a huge round of applause to the Chairman, Director, Secretary, Principal, and of course the huge pillars
of St. Kabir School – the Teachers and the Technical and IT staff.
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and in times of strict and necessary quarantine, all students became an absolute idle and been stripped off of doing their studies. To make this duration very fruitful, enjoyable, learning
with fun by way of an E-CLASS, St. Kabir School came up with a solution that solved the problem for all the students so instantly.
Today, when everyone is howling to survive their lives, it is ONLY the St. Kabir School, who has expanded their perception and has accorded the FIRST PRIORITY to the education of the students, even in such a crucial and 
critical situation as well, hats off to all of you. Well, I have no word to express the feelings. I find myself very lucky that I am part of the Family called Kabirrians and I am proud that my child is nurtured by such a wonderful Institution and their magnificent teachers. Today, by adopting the virtual classes, you have made worth your promises to mould our children to understand and face the challenges of modern day life and living.
Now, so far the benefits and advantages of this virtual class are concerned, I must say it is FANTASTIC and it is like, learn with fun. Earlier days, every time, I was compelled to force Sparsh to sit for the homework or I have to
prompt him for doing the homework, however, today, the scenario is quite different. When during the night, I used to explain him about next day’s E-LEARNING SCHEDULE, he all the time found very keen to attend the VIRTUAL CLASS. In his words, he says that he loves the E-CLASS and he intends that the E-CALSS to be continued for the entire year, so, no worries to go to school, to carry the teacher bag in the school with subject-wise text
books and note books. The main advantage of this E-CLASS that no worry to miss the class and no need to ask for any back-up as everything would be well available in the VIRTUAL CALSS, though, somehow, you could not be
able to attend the calls on any days, so convenient and so comfortable.
Due to the VIRTUAL CLASS a healthy competition has been existed that who answers first and who answers best. The main advantage of such E-CLASS is that a student can, in a second, click a drop-down box and open a Google
doc, Google sheet or Google slide, Google link to use to complete their work in any way they feel works best for them.

Due to this E-CLASS, Sparsh became more responsible and independent, he now started waking up on his own, early morning, used to start the computer, search the pending assignments, given as homework, or given to
study the same at his own. Sparsh has also developed his typing ability very well during these days, JUST because of the VIRTUAL CLASS. He also became more accustomed with Computers and its various commands, how
to save the files, how to copy and how to paste the contents, etc., I strongly feel that in such an age, it is next to impossible to teach him such difficult tasks of a computer operation. Further, the Google Forms give an INSTANT
EXPRRIENCE OF A CLASS TEST, wherein, I found Sparsh to be very inquisitive about his score. He finds such tests very interesting as he has been reciprocated with the score so instantly.
I must say that all the assignments used to be appeared in a student’s Google Calendar and all work are auto-saved in folders on Google drive automatically, which makes the life much easier and really reduces the workload for students and teachers too. Even, as work in Google Classroom saves automatically and is accessible from any device, students can work seamlessly wherever they are, without worrying about clunky hard drives, pen-drives, emailing files back and forth, or losing progress due to computer malfunction. Now, there would be no excuse, viz. “I left the
homework notebook at home,” and  “I was absent, hence I am not aware what was discussed and taught last occasion”, etc., so, such excuses are no longer valid. I must say that it has enhanced the activities.
Final comment, FANTASTIC, SUPER HAPPY AND FANTBULOUS WORK DONE by St. Kabir. I convey my heartfelt thanks and all good wishes to everyone at the St. Kabir School, more categorically to Renu Madam, Deepa Madam,
Ekta Madam, Shalu Madam, Neelam Madam, Khyati Madam, Stella Madam and last but not least Madam Jinal for all their sincere efforts, hard-work and such a wonderful initiative to all the teachers and staff who are working
during these days so relentlessly. Hats off to everyone at the St. Kabir School and please accept my standing ovation.
Smita Bhavsar – Sparsh Bhavsar(3A) ,
Email : 5468.stkabirnav@gmail.com


2.  Now a days the entire world is under fear of covid 19. Our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has declared lockdown since 23 March in entire country. When we look at the routine life of surrounding we feel our entire life is stopped. Children are very innocent. They are unaware of the after effects of current situation. We have seen many children passing time in front of TV and talking on phones. But as we have seen St Kabir is always different from other routines , the way of teaching online is really appreciable. Children are with the main stream. It is said ” out of field out of mind ” – means if you are not in field your mind becomes ideal. I appreciate the way St Kabir has accepted and children also will realize in the future.

From chidrupini kshatriya

Jaival std 1

3.  Good afternoon mam (Zeba Hawa 4 A)
I am really very gratefull to have all you as my teachers…… you gave a perfect guidance and a perfect motivation to study in such tough situations… and the idea of online classes is working on full mode, it makes us engage and our mind active.I am gratefull to all of you not only today but everyday, the efforts you teachers put in making ppts and searching for teaching aids is as perfect as the nature bounds to be .And the mindfulness setions today cannot be ifnored the way we were guided to meditate was just so satisfying.And it really made us feel out of the world.it is really easy and simple for us to understand the subjects on zoom with such helpfull teachers what else can be expected…The grattitude activities make us engage and allows us to think out of the box….. reminds us to be realistic and write down our thoughts on a piece of paper. But yes somtimes it is tough for us to really het whats goin in class due to internet problem but thats extremely okay. At last i would all the teachers with full of my heart for caring for us so muchh……

4 .Respected Ma’am
We are really thankful to all the teachers for conducting online classes through zoom and Google classroom app. It is so wonderful that in this difficult time we still get to learn. The online session are very outstanding & nice idea to teach students.💻💻💻
Harsh R Thakkar

5. Hello This is Aarav Mehta’s Mom, Payal Mehta

I would like to share my thoughts regarding online classes.

We are very lucky parents and my kid is also very lucky that he is studying in st.kabir School.We all know current situation of today and we don’t know everything goes settled properly.But St.kabir school is very careful for their kid.They have started online study so that our child should not have to suffer from study.St.kabir all staff and all teachers are doing their best efforts in this lock down situation.. they are constantly thinking about their kids future…we are too much enjoying gogle class room activities and zoom classes.
This is very innovative concept of study .
I m proud of St.kabir school and Their whole staff.


6. Hello mam. We are thankful to you for the efforts and pain you all are taking to teach the kids at home in this lockdown situation. As parent i need to keep my kids busy somewhere forsure then why not with their school??? ….And the best part is they are learning technologies responding and being more attentive aswell as curious how they can easily communicate with their teachers… so yes it took day or two to make them used to with it, but now they are learning, making notes, attempting quiz, doing homework, worksheets, enjoying each class.

Rahil likes to operate zoom class and google class on his own and learning everything taught in the class day by day at his pace.

We feel very proud when we see our kids with ear phone, laptop or moblie, video call learning, managing notebooks, mobile, pencil earser and other things at a time 😃. I took their pics n videos too. I forwarded it to many of my friends. That our school and teachers are taking this much efforts for our young ones. Many fri4ask me which school….. then I proudly said its ‘St. Kabir’ 💐💐👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Std 3 IRA pandit

7. Spirited, Incredible St. Kabir Family

I am thankful to Director Madam, Renu Madam, Praveena Madam for introducing online sessions. Under the guidance of Renu Madam the teachers are able to conduct the sessions smoothly. My Son Nilay enjoys the online sessions very much. Through online session studies of a child is not disturbed during this lockdown period so students will not feel that they are confined to the walls. Even though they are not having their books teachers are imparting knowledge and also clearing the concepts of the children. Special efforts taken by Renu Madam, Praveena Madam, Ritu Madam, Kavita Madam ,Jessica Madam, Meenakshi Madam, Ritika Madam, Reena Madam, Reshma Madam ,Preeti Madam in introducing zoom cloud meeting and it is really creditable. This will help the child to be connected with the latest technology.

Regarding today’s disscussion on mindfulness.It is an important thing which will help the child to retain the knowledge given in the class and help them to increase memory power,physical health as well as it will improve mental health through meditation they will recollect the knowledge they have received which will help them to improve or enhance thinking power.In all online sessions of grammar, maths, SST, science ,Hindi and Gujarati Teachers were able to interact with the students through the discussion of the chapter. Teachers shows students different videos related to the topics so the students are able to  give good responses to the question asked.Students feel free to ask questions and clear their doubts.I am grateful to the school management for taking such initiatives.👏👏👏

Nilay Gidwani (VII A)

Mother’s Name: Seema Gidwani


8. It is a nice way of teaching and it keeps students engaged.And I am proud that school takes the initiative. Here also the teachers are teaching with love and affection. The school is using modern technology to educate the children. And now last but not the least, I thank all the teachers and supervisors.

Abheek Jain (VII A)

Mother’s Name   Hemlata Jain


9. The online teaching platform is very effective to keep children engaged in study during this lockdown.  My daughter, Mishti spends quality time in the morning during the online session learning new things and motivated for studies. It’s really commendable that platform like zoom meeting is used without external technical support. We really admire the efforts put by Renu ma’am, Pravina ma’am, Jessica ma’am, Ritu ma’am, Kavita ma’am, Priti ma’am, Ritika ma’am, Priti ma’am, Reshma ma’am,Minaxi ma’am. They have even developed habit of keeping in touch through video calling amongst friends after being conversant with such advanced technology. We are heartily thankful to the school for such initiatives.

Mishti Shah (VII A)

Mother’s name Kinjal Shah


10. I am immensely proud to have Naman as Kabirian as St.Kabir school is always ahead in implementation of technology as per demand and always has focus on holistic development of the child. In the current scenario of COVID-19, the school has started online classes in very interesting way where child can understand through video n learn thing very easily n they also enjoy. Thank you to all the teachers who also puts lots of efforts so that study continues without interruption

Naman Vora (VII A)

Mother’s name-Shwetal Vora


11. My name is Dr.Dipal Shah, Nihaal’s mother . Thank you for zoom classes and all activities . I appreciate  all efforts done by whole St .Kabir staff members. Me and my husband are very busy in covid-19 duty . So  we have no time to play or teach or doing any activity or even talk to our son, Nihaal .  In this situation school has taken very initiative idea to keep busy my child .And I like this idea very much .He can meet all his school friends also so he is very happy .Thanks to all teachers , staff and principal  madam .Stay safe , stay home 👍

Nihaal Shah (VII A)

Mother’s Name Dipal Shah

12. We are very thankful to all the teachers for all your cooperation that you have shown towards the children by helping them in studies during  this Covid 19 crisis time. All of them are greatly benefitted by this new process of zoom and it is very helpful during their study time and greatly thanks to all the subject teachers for spending hours for making children study well through online classes

MANIT enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all the teachers of St Kabir

Manit Shah (VII A)

Mother’s Name  Payal shah


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