Testimonials Naranpura Branch

1.Parent of Aastha Adesara 9th B

*It is a very good initiative.  My daughter loves the way revision is conducted through google classroom. We know that because of corona virus , students are not able to attend the classes at school. But with this app it becomes very easy for them to connect with the teachers and get a little smart every day. I personally am loving this initiative.

2 Parent of Gatha Joshi  9th B

*I personally feel that this is helping the students to revise in a more organized and efficient way. The daily based revision worksheets also help students maintain their grip on the studies.

A very good initiative for sure.

3.Parent of Vishrut Vyas 9th B

*Wonderful student centric initiative by the school. Thanks to all teachers for adaptation and carrying out of the revision sessions. Proud to be a part of St. Kabir family

4.Parent of Aastha Hotwani 9th B

*Thank you teachers for the wonderful initiative. A really novel way to keep the students connected with the studies and revising their lessons in this difficult times. Hats off to St Kabir teachers for always keeping students’ future as the top priority even in this very difficult times. We pray for the wellbeing & safety of all our teachers.

5.Parent of Kavya Vasu 9th B

*Thank you ma’am for arranging these online sessions. Thanks to St. Kabir School for covering the gap of their education affected due to COVID-19. As three months is a pretty long period especially when they are approaching their board exams next year. Google Classroom is a good platform for students to congregate and solve their doubts with teachers. Thank you once again.

 6.Bhavya Kotadia 9th C

It was a wonderful idea to learn and use the time in this lockdown.

There was amazing learning and interaction between students and teachers even though lockdown was issued.

Really an innovative use of technology.

Thank You St.Kabir School

7.Yana Shah 9th C

There are no words for such a wonderful effort led by teachers and being so cooperative as well as helpful in such situation. Clap for teachers to balance between her duties in both areas 

8.Parent of Ishitta Nadar 11th B

Today Ishitaa was full of enthusiasm, she kept everything ready and was waiting for the clock to strike at 10:30 and her class to start, overwhelmed to see her friends and teachers’, and surprised to see Rashmi ma’am and Vaishali ma’am…..for the students, the online session is a new concept and I hope they enjoy this innovative way of learning😊

9.Parent of Hriday Malik 11th B

Ma’am, great initiative. Amidst all our concerns and worries,

This step taken by the school staff is like a streak of light in dark. πŸ™


I am Shrusti Shrimali, and this is not just a feedback but a sign of gratitude from my side, to all the teachers for taking such a fantastic initiative of teaching online in this situation of Lockdown. It’s great that I still feel like I am in the class with my teachers and classmates. It’s really helpful for being engrossed in our studies, attached with our subjects, waking up early in the morning and getting ready for zoom.us classes. My parents too feel proud to have such hardworking and supportive teachers and for this initiative of keeping us all busy in our studies. I am really excited and motivated to attend such more online classes. A big thank you to all the teachers.

11. Respected Mam,
We are very thankful about this online system. Thank you for
your extra efforts to make our child learn and grow and also to encourage us.
The online learning system not only helped our child but also to the parents
also. We are really thankful to you as well as the school as it’s a great
opportunity for our child to make lessons clear.
Thank you..οΏ½οΏ½
Your Sincerely
Shilpa R Patel.

12. Name : Deshna D. Shah
New Admission
Me and my parents highly appreciate the efforts that teachers put to make
understand the concept eventhough it's lockdown everywhere. Being student
of St.Kabir School, Navrangpura till 10th and taking admission in this school in
12th really helped her out. It helped my daughter in learning new concepts and
clearing the doubts. The lectures conducted were perfectly working and
smooth ongoing interaction between students and teachers. Liked &

13. Bhavya Nanavati
Roll no.- 3
Respected Mam,
This new idea of online education is
really very good the effort of teachers is worth
appreciating . We as parents are highly satisfied with
these online classes and we must thank teachers for this.

14. Great work by teachers to start online studies. Kids are really enjoying and are very enthusiastic to study online. Also they are connected with their studies in such a lockdown situation.
I was really glad today to find Ayaan reading the story sent by Supervisor Madam and was eager to answer the questions.
The recreational activities and studies are really balanced well by the school.
Love to be a part of St Kabir!

Parent of Aayan Saiyed
7th C

15. It’s really appreciable that school and teachers are taking so much efforts for the students. And it is only due to this that our children are happy and active. My child and her friends are eager to attend the classes everyday and are engrossed in studies and other activities done by the teachers. It’s really the best use of internet for our kids.
And for this my child wakes up early in the morning and gets ready so that she doesn’t miss her classes.

Parent of Muskan Khemani
6th C

16. The zoom cloud meeting and google classroom are perfect examples how school is trying for our children’s best education and also keep our children occupied.

The zoom meetings and google classroom provide very special moments to learnnew concepts with classmates and teachers.

I really appreciate the idea of teaching and learning online. Teachers’ continuous support and guidance at such a time is what makes me so proud studying in this school.
# Proud to be a Kabirian #

Parent of Manvi Mehta
7th A

17. I am Kevin Shah ‘s father (Prashant Shah)
I am ON duty for Misson critical Data center under E.S.M.A (Essential Sevices Maintenance Act) supporting for the global crisis since Friday, 20th March morning.

Please excuse if Kevin is not able to 100% cope up and concentrate in virtual classes/ online classroom. However, I am providing moral support to him over phone regularly.
He is a brave child and not showing his fear, thanks to St.Kabir School management and teachers.
Thankyou for arranging such online studies and activities which keep all the students positive and active.

Parent of Kevin Shah 7th B

18. It is truly appreciating that teachers are trying to keep our kids busy in this difficult time. My child really likes this idea of interactive activities as something new.
You have made it all the more interesting by making it more interactive by taking live classes which includes live video lessons through Zoom meetings.
My gratitude to teachers for their excellent efforts….really they are trying and managing so much.

Parent of Jeeya Talati
8th A

19. The efforts taken by school authorities and specially teachers are really appreciable. The students are thoroughlyenjoying the online classes. The most important thing is that the teaching process goes in a systematic way and so the children are occupied in a constructive way.
Excellent efforts and management by St Kabir!

Parent of Pranshu Thakkar
5th A

20. The Google Classroom and Zoom Classes are a beautiful way to motivate the students to use the mobile phone beneficially for education. This keeps them focused towards the studies and the various tasks/ activities assigned by the teachers allow them to learn in a play way style. All the school teachers have done a great job and I whole heartedly appreciate it

21. Parent of Khushal Gopani
6th A

Name :- Heer Shah 
Std :- Ist -B 
Thank u so much maam for starting  online studies…its such a good concept for all student to keep busy in mobile and for us …all moms spending  little  bit free time ….its good  experience..good initiative…and good grasping  for  kids….they enjoy lots and having some fun with teachers….thanks all of u mam …for your good  efforts…πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€specially  akruti mam ….our class teachers  who all time  responded all parents very softly  and politely…kids feel very chill  d mam…specially  heer too….πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œβ€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€πŸ‘
22. Name :- Aditi Mehta 
Std :- Ist -B 
It is really appreciating how the St .Kabir school management makes it possible to revise their lessons under the respective teachers’ guidance….
I really appreciate their way of thinking that the learning of students should not stop….Hats off to the school management..
A big round of applaud πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Apart from studies it is also helpful to keep children occupied at home in this difficult situationπŸ™πŸ™
23. Name :- Vishwa Adesara
Std :- Ist -B 
It is a very good initiative.  My daughter love the way revision is conducted through google classroom. We know that  because of coronavirus students are not able to attend the classes at school. But with this app it becomes very easy for them to connect with the teachers and get a little smarter every day. I personally am loving this initiative.
24. Name :- Kiya Shah
Std :- Ist -B 
This is a hard time for all of us but thankyou to all the teachers who are taking care and trying not to let it affect the studies of the students . Thnx a lot to our management too…I personally feel that it is  also helping  the students to revise in a more organized and efficient way. The daily based revision worksheets also help students maintain their grip on the studies. 
A very good initiave for sure .
25. Name :- Yug Patel 
Std :- Ist -B 
It is really a helpful initiative taken by our respected teachers thinking about the loss of studies during such period when the thought of coming out of house itself gives goosebumps!! Thank you teachers to help the children learn through e learning…it is one of the best way one could ever expect to keep the flame of knowledge burning……. thank you so much teachers πŸ‘©β€πŸ« & management for lots of efforts.


26. Class 3 B   C/T  Ami Pathak  Chirag Shah
Google Classroom is a great medium between teachers and students….
Kids enjoy doing objective questions  and can be in touch with their books and studies….
Otherwise kids are in vacation mood….
Thank you very much all teachers and headmistress madam for this initiative….
And Your Efforts….
27.  Manju Mulani
Mam it was fun learning.. Kids were enjoying  there studies. We too..  
Good initiative  step by you all
That is sign of good and responsible  teachers and principle and all Outhority of st.  Kabir
Once again THANK YOU..
28. Sanket Shah
Good Initiative by the Governing body and Teachers of St Kabir school to carry out  studies for Children on Google classroom..This will not only help children to spend quality study  time in group but also reduce the mental disturbance created by ongoing situation.
Gr8 work.
29. Dr Nisha Shah
Google Classroom is a good way of teaching in this situation.. It’s fun for kids and keep them engaged in creative way also.. Good work of all teachers and authorities… Thanks
30. Sneha Shah
Thank you so much teachers to help the childrens during this critical nd difficult time because of teachers children can clear there doubts at home only. We really appreciate teachers for  teaching children online….

31. Thank u mam the online studies are really good and kid connected to study. Excellent work form truptimam and kalpnamam . Thank u mam for putting so much efforts for kid… Children are enjoying the studies. Thank u St. Kabir school.

– Sr.KG – A: Mirik Patel

32. A big thnx to the management of st.kabir school our respectable teachers & the management hats off to kusum mam & kalpana mam the teachers of our kids r kids branch the way u r helping & acknowledging our children through latest technologies & sharpening their little mind to creative mind & bringing out wonderful ideas fr studies & the worksheets which children are learning learn with fun is amazing mam a big thnx to kusum mam & kalpana mam to acknowledging our child in this situatin of covid19 too a big thnx to respected teachers.

– Jr.KG – B: Ansh Agarwal

33. Thanku for creating fun& safe educational environment for our children . All the hard work u put in day after day does not go unnoticed. For all d late nights,early morning spending time preparing lessons,correcting them-we thanku for caring so much about our children. πŸ™πŸ™

– Sr.KG- C: Vedika Mowani

34. During this lockdown period Online Class and Zoom app are excellent way of learning and impart education. This is the best way to stay connected with teachers . It is very good to see our child studying everyday with sincerity . Children can keep learning all the subjects with the help of teachers and understand the concept clearly teachers give them homework. This is the best way of learning from home and children can keep my self engaged in studying.

Thanks to the the technology, teachers and school management.

– Sr.kg – B Jiya Bhavsar

35. Thanks to Raveena Mam due to this online study children remain engage in studies and really enjoyed the online learning. Teachers are doing great efforts but mam I have a question mam where do children get vacation for some days. Thanks to teachers and St. Kabir team.
– Jr.Kg – C: Heer Shah

36. Mam it is really very appreciative that you all are putting so much efforts to make our kids understand the concept more better. The special thanks to you because you are managing this with your personal houses. It’s a great idea for teaching kids at home during this type of condition. Thank you

– Intro – B: Dishani Shah

37. Yes of course ma’am St Kabir deserves our appreciation. Because in these worldwide crucial time Director ma’am, Rashmima’am, Kalpanama’am, Radhikama’am and Bhoomima’am U all are worried about our kids.And due this nobody can keep us away from feeling proud for that our kids are the Kabirians.We can understand that if I have lots of work at my home ma’am also has the same even though she spends these much time for our kids. For that I would like to thanks Radhikama’am as she attends kids with smile and lots of love that makes our kids very happy and energetic. Thanks again to all St Kabir members. πŸ™πŸ»

-Intro – A : Naisha Patel

38. Thanks to kusum mam and all St. Kabair staff that they initiative online class for children.

Kids are enjoying and learning as well. Initially it was bit difficult but now children are waiting when their online class will start and they learn new things. In this lock-down period as child has no other activity except TV/Mobile so online class is very helpfull them to engange them at least for 3 hrs in such activity where they learn something new.

– Jr.KG B: Dwit Valand

39. First of all I would like to thank to whole team of St.Kabir school. Specially teachers, supervisor and HM. You all are doing a great job. By giving them online education. Students as well as parents are also learning new way of teaching and learning process. It’s really very nice that students are still connected with their teacher and friends. Thank you so much Bhavana Mam.

– Sr.KG – C: Navya Patel

40. Online classes is the best way to study fron homes . Bz of covoid -19 we and other schools have arranged online classes . Mam we really enjoyed zoom classes we met with our friends and techers

From this our time also get passed as we are getting to bored in quarantine. Thank you mam for arranging online classes .

-Sr.KG – B: Dhrumi Brahmbhatt

41. Very innovative approach by teachers & school management by doing online teaching. both students & teachers are enjoying online learning. I hope in future also school management will launch this type of platform for students.

-Sr.KG – B: Naksh Parmar

42. This is the best way to stay connected with friends nd teachers.online study is really helpful for the kids it’s good experience.nd we really enjoyed zoom class. Thanks to all teachers for the step in this tuff situation. Thank u mam

-Sr.KG – B. : Rutvi Shah

43. It is a great initiative taken by St. Kabir School, especially by the teachers who put so much effort to figure out innovative ways to teach the children not only the basic concepts but art & craft also. The efforts put in by Trupti mam and also Kalpana mam is highly appreciated by us. The most important thing is that the children are enjoying the studies.

-Sr.KG – A. Mayraa Bhatt

44. This the only and much suitable method for students to educate from home. Also Krisha is enjoying the style of teaching.Let is be…Hope for the best for all….

– Sr.KG –C: Krisha Shingala


 I appreciate your determination in showing the path for kids thanking you for your perseverance, support, and love! Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help to the future Leaders prepared by all hard working teachers. Thank you.

I – C Parent of Pratham Kadia

  1. Great way of keeping child and parents engaged in this difficult situation. Hatts off to teachers for giving out time for students in this situation. We are trying our best with our child for classes.

II – B Parent of Bani Chopra

 Dear mam, t is really very good initiative. Online learning is good idea as per current situation. Also kids updating their knowledge. So well deserve clap for all who initiate this πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Suggestions please do not mix what’s up app and google classroom pics. Place exercise sheet at google classroom only. Give worksheets at one place only. That is google classroom app. nice concept by school to keep children active in such period, kids were bored since 1st week without any activity but now she eager to wait 8.30 am. Also gain knowledge of computer and internet, I never help her to turn on the computer and internet. She does all the things by herself.

Thank you teachers and all St. Kabir team. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™Œ

III – C Parent of Sanvi Gandhi

  1. Thank you all the teachers and school management. Rather than getting bored n watching TV all the time. They are getting unbelievable knowledge n especially the pattern designed by u all is awesome as always. The videos n Worksheets. What a great use of time.

 IV – B Parent of Kaneez

  1. Zoom and Google classroom teaching style is very nice. During lockdown period St Kabir Teachers and school management helps students for next level studies. All the teachers are spending lot of time behind these classrooms n also provide home work to students which helps them to study better during quarantine time .It also helps to learn online study methods which may help them in future. Thanks all Teachers n Management team.

V – C Saumya Trivedi

 On seeing the present scenario of our country. The government has decided that all the schools, classes and tuitions will be closed. So our school has started the studies of new session on Google classroom and zoom. Really we are enjoying very much. It seems that we are studying in our classroom sitting with our classmates. I really appreciate the efforts of our teachers, supervisor and principal that have started really a nice way of learning. We really learn new things along with the studies. It is the best example that we can study even by sitting in the house. Please be safe. Stay at home.

VII- A Dhruhi

  1. Ma’am, it is a really appreciable task you are performing even during this rough time and making children follow a proper routine which was tough for us as after a few days, eventually they would have ended up on a vacation mode. Thanks for keeping them connected with studies.

IX – A Parent of Dhruvisha Shah

  1. Wonderful student centric initiative by the school. Thanks to all teachers for adaptation and carrying out of the revision sessions. Proud to be a part of St. Kabir family.

IX – B Parent of Vishrut

  1. It was a wonderful idea to learn and use the time in this lockdown. There was amazing learning and interaction between students and teachers even though lockdown was issued. Really an innovative use of technology. Thank You St. Kabir School

IX – C Parent of Bhavya Kotadia

  1. Good evening mam. I hereby am obliged to be the part of this amazing Kabir family where even being in the worse conditions in the environment, our studies are not suffering. Whole world is under crisis and we need to battle this situation, but at least we Kabirians aren’t doing that at the risk of our studies. As we hereby step in most important year of whole schooling of ours, we feel blessed to have such mentors and teachers and most appreciable guidance towards our future. Here, technology is also helping us a lot as we are connected through the zoom app, where it feels as if we are sitting in front of our teachers as we do in our normal and everyday schedules. It does not seem that we are apart from our teachers as the doubts and studies are going are going on normally and our queries are solved as fast as they were before. I am very grateful to all my teachers and mentors there. Thank you for always standing by us in every situation.

XI – C Diya Bhatt



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