Testimonials Drive-In Old Branch

1) Student name: Ditvi Patel
Parent name: Bijal Patel
Class: 1 B
Good morning Ma’am
Today’s session was interesting.
The way you teach by story and pictures helps to clear concept. Ditvi understood it well.
Thank you.

2) Student Name: Viyaan Jain
Parent Name: Pooja Jain
Feedback: Today’s session was interesting.
The meditation activity was good
He easily understood all the concept as you make them understand by the help of story.
Thank you

3) Students name: Kartavya Doshi
Parents name : Bhumi Doshi
Good morning…
Wonderful session….
Kids also enjoying….
Kartavya also understood all the concepts verywell as u make them by the help of story…
Thank you ma’am.

4) Shrey’s Mom 2C St. Kabir: Student Name- Shrey Patel
Name of the parent :Pinal Patel
Class : 2C
Feedback :I like the way you ask questions to student before & during the session, that way student learn previous session & focuse on current session. keep questioning….
Thank you

5) Nandish’s Mom 2C St. Kabir: Student Name- Nandish Shah
Name of the parent : Tejal Shah
Class : 2C
Feedback : Nandish love to enjoy this E-learning classes with fun . He also likes ur sweet voice and teaching method. He is always waiting for ur questions to give answers

6) Shanaya’s Mom 2C St. Kabir: Student name: shanaya shah
Parent’s name: ruchika shah
Feedback: shanaya also likes to learn from zoom..you increased the time by 1hr..i really appreciate ur work ma’am.. thanks for your support.

7) Name: Disha dugar
Name of parent: Sweta dugar
Class :1 A
Feedback mam it was amazing Hindi class disha enjoyed and I too was interested learning with u thanks mam

8) Student name: Tanush
Name of the parent: Chinmayee
Class :1 A
Feedback: Excellent session.Tanush learned and enjoyed the session.

9) Student name: – Pravit Pathak
Parents Name: – Aanal Pathak
Class: – 1st C
Subject: – Maths
Feedback: – It was really very interesting….The concept of After, Before and Between is very clearly explained…….Kids are very clear with the concept of Tens and one’s today…… Thank you so much ma’am for all your guidance during this tough time…..

9) Student name: vihaan shah
Name of parent: Raina shah
Class: 1c
Feedback: very good session, u explain the concept very nicely n deeply Vth examples n story…

10) Student name : Prisha Patadia
Parent name :Ami Patadia
Class :2A
Today’s session was interesting revision of story and question answer that was nice way as child remember ans very well…
Thank u..
11)Student name: – Soumya Chittaliya
Parent name:- Mahi Chittaliya
Class :2A
Today’s session was very good. Soumya was eager to know the next question you were going to ask. She was revising the whole story through the questions and answers during session.
Thank u..

12) Name of the parent: Ms Sandeep
Student Name – Reva Saini
Class: 2A
Feedback :
Ma’am the session was interesting and story was revised well by you . Reva was able to understand and connect to you.

13) Name:Swara Bhatt
Roll No.34
Teacher:Sharda mam
Feedback:It was a very nice session.Swara understood the concept clearly and it was a wonderful explanation of hindi grammar.
Thank you mam..

14) Name: Khushi Shah
Roll no: 13
Class: 6 C
Subject: Hindi
Teacher: Sharda Mam
Feedback: The session was wonderful. You explained us very well in detail. I enjoyed a lot and also understood everything clearly. My hindi grammer concept was clear.
Thank You Mam
15) Student’s name: Vedanshi Shah
Parent’s name: Nimisha Shah
Class 2B
Feedback: in every session u come up with something new n today it was gratitude activity for parents.Such a wonderful thought u gave them. Vedanshi is always excited n wait for next session for new activity alongwith studies

16) Student Name- Shashwat Mehta
Name of the parent : Mona
Class : 2B
Feedback : Mam, the session was interesting and inspiring for children to give respect to their elders. Mam you teach them with always something new concept. Thank you mam

17) Student name : Ayansh sanghvi
Patent name : Rinkal Sanghvi
Feedback : Such a good session n Ayansh understand the story n he always excited n wait for next class Thank you ma’a
DATE- 21/4/2020

1) Adit Shah
1 A (DIO)
Good morning mam. Today’s story telling session by kanan mam was vy good. Aadit n I both enjoyed d story. Do keep story telling sessions in between academic session. Thank you mam

2) Student Name: Manthan Khokhani
Name of Parent: Vaishali Khokhani
Class: 1 B
Feedback: Thank you mam for narrating such a good story. Manthan understood very well the concept and enjoyed the story also. Thank you Kanan mam and Poonam Mam for such good efforts
Thanking you

3) Tattva Trivedi
Devangana Trivedi
1 B
Today’s session was excellent.
Positive attitude and thinking is really needed in children.
Really appreciative

4) Respected Ma’am
Forwarding you the feedback of today’s zoom meeting
Teacher Deepa
Class 3C
Topic L-3 किस्सा तेनालीराम का

5) Deepa: Name- Riti parmar
Teacher- Deepa mam
Feedback-it was very nice session of including child in question & answer & good picture explanation

6) Deepa: Name: priyam gosaliya
Sub: hindi
Teacher: deepa mam
Feedback: The session was very good.n..nice explanation with picture and very clear voice. Children r enjoining online sessions now.
Thanks you mam!

7) ayitri’s Mom 2C St. Kabir: Student Name – Jayitri Panchal
Parent Name – Harsha Panchal
Class 2C
Feedback – Session was very interactive and with very nice voice modulation

8) Nandish’s Mom 2C St. Kabir: Student Name- Nandish Shah
Name of the parent: Tejal Shah
Class: 2C
Feedback: session was very nice nd Nandish enjoyed a lot and become happy when you ask him question.

9) Name: Anaya
Roll.no : 3
Sub: Hindi
Teacher: Sharda ma’am
Feedback: In today’s lecture the kids learnt about hindi ch 2 and explanation and the meditation and song were very motivating thank you for your valuable time

10) Name..Pavitra patel
Sub. Hindi
Roll no..28
Teacher..Sharda man
Class- 5C
Feedback…mam Pavitra enjoy ur class… nd said
Mam was explained very nicely thank you mam 🏻 5 C

11) Name: Vedansh Shah
Class: 5A
Date : 21 April
Rollo: 36
Subject: HINDI
Teacher: Sharda mam
Feedback: today’s class was very nice and easy to understand the lesson. thank you

12) Name:Shiven Krishnani
Roll no:34
Date:21 April
Sub: Hindi
Teacher: sharda mam
Feedback: Shiven enjoyed d story n uttered whole to us… He understood very well. Thank You 5A

9) Name Bhumi Gandhi
Class 6c
Roll no 7
Subject science
Teacher Neeta Mam
Feedback mam you explained everything in detail. Bhumi understand everything very nicely. Thank you mam

10) Name: Khushi Shah
Roll no: 13
Class: 6 C
Subject: Science
Teacher: Neeta Mam
Feedback: The session was wonderful. You explained us very well with photos. I enjoyed a lot and also understood everything clearly. My deficiency diseases concept was clear. Thank you mam for sending the photos again
Thank You Mam

11) Name : Harvi Patel
Class : VB
Roll no: 10
Subject: Sanskrit
Dt : 21/4
Teacher: Kavita mam
Feedback: superb and fantastic (10/10)

12) Name: Pratham Mehtani
Roll no.: 23
Subject: Sanskrit
Class: 5 B
Date: 21/4/2020
Teacher: Kavita Mam
Feedback: Thank u for such wonderful class Mam. Pratham is enjoying this new subject in his concepts are clear. looking forward for next class Mam.

13) Student name: vihaan shah
Name of parent: Raina shah
Class :1C
Feedback: today’s session was very goog, full of positivity… Kanan mam tought the lesson to students that be calm, be positive n never give up by means of story… Thank you mam, for giving possitivty to us also.

14) Student name: kayan shah
Name of the parent: jinali shah
Class: 1st C
Feedback: very enjoyable and helpful for understanding the life skilla. Thank u kanan mam and Mahi mam.

15) Student name: -Prisha Senjaliya
Parents name: -Zinnia Senjaliya
Class: – 1st c
Subject: – Life skills
Feedback: -Today’s session was fantastic my daughter understands all things special thanks for Kanan mam’s efforts for conduct this class thanks Mahi mam.

DATE- 22/4/2020

1) Student Name- Samanyu karanji
Name of the parent: Shrishma
Class: 1A
Feedback: The way of teaching was very good..the concept was cleared very easily and by that method maths will be fun to learn…

2) Name – Aryan Gupta
Subject – Hindi
Class – 5 B
Date – 22/04/2020
Roll no. – 7
Teacher – Sharda Sampat ma’am
Feedback – As usual today’s class was also very interesting. Aryan enjoyed the story of Balak Chandragupta. It was a great explanation..Thank you ma’am for your continuous efforts

3) Name : Pratham Mehtani
Roll no. : 23
Subject : Hindi
STD : 5 B
Teacher : Sharda Mam
Date : 22/04/2020
Feedback : Today’s class started with positive energy of chanting Om n deep breathing..Pratham understood the lesson very well.Thank you Mam
4) Student Name-Aarav Sinha
Parent Name – Namrata Sinha
Class : 2A
Feedback : Today Maths concept was very clear.. We too love the song… Thank you so much for the valuable time and making kids understand with easy concept.
5) Student Name: Veer Bhojak
Parent Name : Nandini Bhojak
Class: 2A
Today’s season was great .you explained the maths very nicely. Veer enjoyed the session.

6) Student Name : Venisha Brahmbhatt
Parent name : Mosam Brahmbhatt
It was a great session today..the concept was very clear. Venisha loved the song so much..thank you mam..

7) Feedbacks from 3A
JAINAL LALWANI 3A: Name- Jainil lalwani
Teacher- Chavi mam
Feedback- Jainil enjoyed the session and learned about animal world. Thank u mam for explaining in such a nice nd easy way

8)JAINIL SOLANKI 3A: Name-Jainil Solanki
Subject- Eng
Teacher- Dipti Madam
Feedback-Mam explained about different types of sentences Ma’am explained very nicely
Thank you ma’am

9) Name: Shubhayu Ghosh
Subject:English grammar
Teacher : Rebecca mam
Feedback: Types of Sentence well explained by mam, nice session nd concept is cleared.
Thanks mam

10) Name: Jeetarth Joshi
Subject: English grammar
Teacher: Rebecca mam
Feedback: sentence n types very nicely explained with examples. Thanks a lot
Class – 3C

11) Name: Fenil Jadav
Subject: English Grammar
Teacher: Rebecca Mam
Feedback: It was very good. Mam explained throughly and voice was clear. Thanks mam.
Class – 3C

12) Class- 3C
Name-Heer Patel
Teacher- Rebecca Mam
Feedback-it was nice session and very well explained
Thank you mam

13) Nivan Rathod
Payal Rathod
Class 1st B
Nivan understood the vayanjan concept…
As usual Ur explanation is excellent…
Thanks for your support 🏻
14) Kartavya Doshi
Bhumi Doshi
Class 1B
Today’s session was good…
Some technical error for today’s session but your explanation was really interesting n helpful….
Kartavya understood all the things very well…
Thank you ma’am.

15) Student Name-Dviti Bhatt
Name of the parent:Khyati Bhatt
Class:1st C
Feedback: Dviti enjoyed today’s session.She understood vyanjan by you.Thank you mam…

16) Student Name- Lakshiv Sankhla
Name of the parent: Kirti
Class: 1C
Feedback: mam it was really good session today; the way u teaches with song Lakshiv enjoyed alot. Thanks

17) Student name: – Pravit Pathak
Parents Name: – Aanal Pathak
Class: – 1st C
Subject: – Hindi
Feedback:- The concept of vyanjan is very clear….showing it with pictures made it very easy for the children to understand……thank you so much ma’am ..

DATE- 23/4/2020

1) Devam’s Mom 2C St. Kabir:
Student Name: – Devam shah
Name of the parent: – Komal Shah
Class: 2 C
Teacher: Likita
Feedback: It was a very good session with a proper description of each topic. Devam enjoyed a lot. Always ready before time for online classes. Thank u ma’am.

2) Dishaan’s Mom 2C St. Kabir:
Student name – Dishaan Bhalavat
Parent Name – Priyanka Bhalavat
Class – 2 C
Feedback – Lovely session mam. Urs is really good way of explaining to kids…

3) Nandish’s Mom 2C St. Kabir:
Student Name- Nandish Shah
Name of the parent: Tejal Shah
Class: 2C
Teacher: Likita
Feedback: It was nice session. Well described grammar portion. Nandish enjoyed it. He loves to join online classes

4) Student name-Harmay Patel
Parents name- Arohi Patel
Class- 1 C
Feedback- Mam today’s session was very good. Matra was explained nicely. Harmay understood everything and enjoyed it. Thank you.

5) Student name -Siya jain
Class 1st C
Parents name -Aarti Jain
Feedback-today session good
Concept was very clear.
Thanks mam

6) Student Name: – Malav dodiya
Name of the parent; – narendra dodiya
Feedback: – today’s session was good
Concept of matra was very good mam
Thank you

7) Teacher Deepa
Class 3A
Sub Hindi
Topic. L-3
किस्सा तेनालीराम का
Deepa: Name- pal patel
Teachers- Deepa mam
Feedback- I understand the story and excellent session. Great effort By mam

8) Deepa: Name- Jainil Solanki
Teachers- Deepa mam
Feedback- I understand the story and explain the moral of story very well

9) Student Name-Name : Manthan Khokhani
Parent : Vaishali Khokhani
Class : 1 B
Feedback : Mam today’s session was really good. Manthan understood the swar matra wale shabd very well and easily and he also understood poem very well. Activity of making boat is also very interesting. Thanks for your so much of efforts mam
Thanking you

10) Kartavya Doshi
Bhumi Doshi

Today’s session was really good…

Kartavya understood the swar matra very well n he also enjoyed the poem of rain…
Thank you ma’am.

11) dhiyaan patel
Name of the parent: pankti patel
Class: 1B
Feedback: session was good…hindi session was explained very clearly.he enjoyed poem…he also excited for making boat…

12) Parent name: Manisha vora
Class :1A
Respected mam
Today not only your session was great but we noticed how much you love our kids and talk to them so politely.
Thank you mam

13) Name – Vatsal Solanki
Subject – Hindi
Teacher – Sharda Ma’am
Class 4A
Feedback – It was fantastic session, Vatsal was enjoying the poem/song and also learn the lesson. Thank you Ma’am.

14) Name-Divyanshi Advani
Teacher-Sharda mam
Feedback-good session today..I understood the whole chapter..fond of learning about birds..thank you mam.

15) Name: Jeetarth
Class- 3B
Sub: EVS
Teacher: Rebecca
Feedback: very clearly taught the lesson animal World with photos. Enjoyed the session

16) Name- Abir Shah
Class- 3B
Subject- EVS
Teacher- Rebecca ma’am
Feedback- He understood the concept and enjoyed.

17) Student Name : Dhyana Modha
Parent Name : Krupa
Class : 2A
Teacher: Sunita maam
Feedback : It was nicely explained n Dhyana understood very well. The method was so good. Dhyana was so clear about today’s grammar session. Dhyana waited for so long to answer the questions but she didn’t get chance still now. Hope for the next zoom class. Dhyana enjoyed her every Zoom session. Thank you so much.
18) Student Name- Vini Gandhi
Parent Name :Payal Gandhi
Class : 2A
Teacher: Sunita ma’am
Feedback :
Today She is very happy for her turn… she is eagerly waiting for her turn… today session starts with meditation, then ,grammar topics like Nouns, Capitalization, Punctuation, compound words started… concepts are clear ….interesting session… & last she has fun for accepting a challenge…..

19) Student name-Kriteyu shah
Parent Name – Rachana shah
Class – 2A
Feedback :
Today’s session kriteyu attended on his own without my help n was so happy to hear the whole brief of the session after it ended… confidence is getting built and so is knowledge…. Thank you

DATE- 24/4/2020

1) Student name : Prisha Mehta
Name of the parent : Dhruti Mehta
Class 1 A
Feedback : Today’s Hindi session is really important to learn barakhadi
And you make it understand easily for kids by your activity.
Your efforts and visible and you are make kids session enjoyable, kids are eagerly waiting to open school and meet you

2)Class. 4C
TOPIC L-3 Journey of Food
Deepa Name – Manya Thakkar
Subject – EVS
Teacher – Deepa Maam.
Feedback – I understood the concept very easily.
Also by doing the mindfulness activity I felt very relaxed and calm. Thank you so much Ma’am.

3) Student Name – Manya Thakkar
Subject – EVS
Teacher – Deepa Maam.
Feedback – I understood the concept very easily.
Also by doing the mindfulness activity I felt very relaxed and calm. Thank you so much ma’am.

4) Student Name- Dhrumil patel
Teacher Name- Deepa mam
Dhrumil enjoyed the lesson journey of food.thank u so much.

5) Kartavya: Kartavya Doshi
Bhumi Doshi
1st B
Today’s session is very interesting and helpful….
Kartavya understood all the concepts very well…
Thank you so much ma’am for your great support.

6) Tattva Trivedi
Devangana Trivedi
1 B
Today’s session was excellent.
Tattva understood all the points of ascending, descending and HTO.
Really appreciative.

7) Student name -Aditya Shivnani
Parent name -Krishna Shivnani
Class :2B
Teacher – Sunita Mam
Feedback : It was having fun to attend the maths class. Aditya fell comfortable. to attend the class thank you.

8) STUDENT NAME- Vivaan Patel
TEACHER- Sunita Mam
It was a fun and very informative session for maths.vivaan really enjoyed the session and understands each and every thing clearly.
9) Student Name : Rishi Patel
Parent Name : Sonal Patel
Class : 2B
Teacher : Sunita Maam
Feedback :
Thank you ma’am for taking such an initiative for the students in such an hard time. The explanation was very nice and interesting with all due respect Thank You.

1.Smidha Menon (Parent of Samrudhi Menon,5A)
Good morning ma’am. Todays class was very well explained by Prachi Mam. The audio was very clear  as children could easily understand and grasp all the concepts. They really enjoyed the session. Thank you for your efforts. This Also keeps them busy.
2.Aparna Singh (Parent of Samruddhi Singh ,5B)
Good morning ma’am… Today’s Zoom class was very  interesting as this is a  completely new topic for kids to know and understand about  oceans and continents in so very detail. You infact shared the easiest way of remembering the Oceans n Continents.Session went with a perfect cordination and infotainment.Thank You so much for your efforts and patience ma’am.🙏

3.Parent of Tanisha

This is a unique experience for the children to learn online. Children enjoy a lot doing tasks given by the teacher.I hope that you continue this method of teaching. 
4.Aadit Shah
The Online classes are great as it is very helpful in continuing our studies and we can see our friends at the same time. So it’s just like being in class with everyone else, enjoying and learning at the same time. Thanks to the school and all the teachers for using this platform to help us continue our studies in this critical time.
7. VI A   Parent : Ms Mona Bhagat  
Student : Ikshita Bhagat
Ma’am,it was an interesting session with  you..
Hope to spend more hours with you..🙂and learn more topics through this way.
Thank you so much maam👍
8. Parent : Ms Kruti Shah 
Student : Yashar Shah
Good morning ma’am
It was a really nice session
Explanation was very clear😊
Thank you mam for explaining and clearing all the doubts🙏
9. VI BParent : Hiral Soni
Student : Bhakti Soni 
Nice way of learning… Nice initiative by teachers. Life long experience for kids… It makes the fruitful day for all the students.
10. Siddhi- Std 3
Mam it was really nice session. Siddhi enjoyed nd was able to understand everything. It was wonderful. Thanks mam.
10. Shubhayu- Std 3
Math session was interesting.Shubhayu enjoyed d session..
Pls mam arrange regular session.
11.Vedanshi 2 B
When the mail was received that coaching will be started soon so Vedanshi was confused that without books how will I be able to learn but after watching festival video she was happy that watched almost four times n started explaining content to us ..simply amazing way..when other schools’s kids r just watching cartoons, our kids r having the concept of “Learn with fun”.. Instead of hard copy in form of books ,Vedanshi is enjoying learning n grasping quickly.Big thank you from Vedanshi for making learning enjoyable n innovative for them.😊
12. Tuhina 2 B
Tuhina enjoyed today’s moral story. The attitude of Positive Thinking helps both, children and us adults equally. It would be amazing if Ma’am asks questions regarding the topic by unmuting any one student at a time. That way kids will be attentive and their understanding of the topic may also be tested. The teachers are doing a Great job 👍. Since this is a new learning experience, we understand there are bound to be some bumps initially. I’m sure together we can iron out the wrinkles eventually.

13.Pravit 1 C
Under such situation of Covid 19, highly appreciate the concern of St.Kabir School Management.Students could understand the topic, with such good digital technology of learning.I personally wish to thank the management and really appreciate the efforts of all teachers who had been teaching online. Pravit also enjoyed a lot with this online teaching…..he loved his first interaction with his teacher….

14. Kavish 1 B
Good afternoon mam, Kavish enjoyed a lot. Thank you for sharing information about books. In this tough time the session new way of learning, It’s really helpful for kids. Thank you all teachers for your hard work. Really appreciable.. Thank you Pooja(Kavish’s mother.)

15. Name :Krisha Pujara          Class :6 A

 Mam meeting was very nice.Thank you for your time. It was fun concepts were clearly explained.

16. Name :Het Modha   Class :6 B

Dear Mam, it was indeed very nice initiative and I am sure all the kids would have enjoyed learning. I too enjoyed the session.

17. Name:Rushil patel  Class: 7 A

 Today’s Zoom class was awesome. Mam explained nicely to the children.All are enjoying this method of learning. Thank you to teachers for your wonderful efforts.Thanks Mam

18. Name:- Nitya Desai   Class: 7 A

Today’s science class was very nice. The video shown were also helpful for the students to learn and understand the concepts. Thank you Abha ma’am.

19. Name :Anurag Bhute  Class :8B

 Mam the online class is a very good way to be in touch with the children and guide them the children it is a great support in times of this crisis and lockdown period

20. Name: Aarush Soni Class : 8-B

Mam online learning sessions are really seems like personalised class.

Online class create self interest and discipline. Children get responsible for their study.

Aarush always wait for his online class.Thank you.

21. Name: Aadil Pathan Class: 8 B

Feedback: Very nice initiative. It was necessary for kids to stay updated as well as it was also necessary to re-engage with studies in this uncertainty.

Thanks a lot ma’am.

22. Name: Kavin Jineal Class: 9B

Feedback: Mam the zoom class was excellent, I understood everything explained in the session

23. Name: Pratham Kumar       Class: 9B

Feedback: The zoom class was excellent I understood each and every thing.

24.Name: yavan mistry  Class: 10-A

Feedback: Online studies is very helpful and we can continue our studies during this difficult time. Hats off to teachers for teaching in difficult time. This helps us to keep in touch with studies.

25. Name: Vandit Jain     Class: X-A

Feedback: Today’s lecture of mindfulness activity was very helpful. It helps to reduce stress and it also helps in increasing the concentration towards studies. It also helped to think positive.

26. Name: Saumya Babaria  Class:10-A

Feedback: zoom classes are amazing helpful and today’s mindfulness class was also really helpful to increase concentration in everything we do through out the day

27. Name : Tatva Shah Class : 10 B

Feedback: The class was very good. Many of our doubts were cleared.

Thank you mam

28. Name : Devansh Kashyap   Class : X-B

Feedback: It was a very relaxing process and brainstorming process thank you ma’am for such activity

29. Name :Nauidh  Class :10 B

Feedback: In the wake of this pandemic ,where everything has been shut, I would like to extend the heartfelt thanks to all the teachers concerned n the authorities ,for reaching to everyone ,conducting these motivational sessions ,making them involved through practical and visual applications which would go a long way in all walks of life !!!

30. Good afternoon Mam 

Today’s maths session was really nice.It was really nice concept of explaining place value with the help of story.Manthan understood it very easily and also enjoyed it.

Thank you mam for sharing such a good concept and making kids easily understand.


Vaishali Khokhani

31. Sent by parents of 1B

 Hello maam forwarding you the feed of std 1A

Student : Ayaan Prajapati 

 Good afternoon Ma’am! It was really a good session as we are also getting acquainted with the app! Ayaan loved the puppets and the whole session. Looking forward for more such sessions. Thank you for all your efforts and interest.

32. Name – Meharpreet Kaur Ajmani

Subject-EVS   Teacher- Kareena Bhatia

Feedback- Session was great and well understood .Meharpreet enjoyed the song also .thanks for ur efforts mam

33.Feedback from 3A  Kalash shah  Maths 

Siyama’am,          Outstanding performance by making fun filled maths wid it’s innovative idea  of making d method v easy n memorable by available things at home in dis difficult period. Appreciable 🏻🏻🏻


SUBJECT – EVS  Teacher – Kareena Bhatia

Feedback – Today’s session was very nice..starting with OM an then one song…Nishka enjoyed a lot..even the explanation of the lesson was very nice.Thanks.

35. Name:Anaya

Roll.no: 3  Subject: Science   Teacher:Neeta patel ma’am

Feedback:In today’s lecture the practical experience of growing plants was very interesting and the little song in the start was very nice and it cheered everyone up. Your explanation was very interesting and was clearly understood by Anaya.Thank you for teaching and giving us some of your valueable time.

36. Name : shlok suthar 

Roll no: 29  Subject: Maths   Teacher: Neeta Mam

Feedback: Gm mam, Today’s  class was very good. It gave information about international system and Roman no. in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Thanks ma’am.

37. Name :   Veer Agrawal  

Roll no. : 36   Subject : Maths   Teacher : Neeta Ma’am 

Children understood the concept of international and Indian numbering along with Roman numerals clearly and thoroughly.. Thanks ma’am for all your efforts.. 

38. Hi Mam,

Kindly find the below Parents feedback on Zoom Class taken by me on 13/4/2020 for Class 5A and Class 5C.

39. Student Name:Anaya Soni   Parent Name : Kashmira Soni

Roll.no: 3   Sub: SST  Class : 5C    Teacher: Prachi ma’am

Feedback: In today’s lecture the kids learnt about longitudes;  the explanation was clear to Anaya.She had a lot of fun doing the mindfulness activity.Thank you for such a nice tip and your valuable time .

Thanks a lot Prachi ma’am

40. Student Name : Devanshi Shah   Parent Name : Bijal Shah

Roll no: 9   Class :5A   Subject : SST L-2 Parallels and Meridians   Teacher : Prachi Mam

Feedback:In Today’s Zoom class Devanshi understood the concepts you taught….. The mindfulness activity was way more fun to do though it is not in our syllabus……Audio was clear too and no problem at all !

Thank you !!


Name :Naunidh

Class :10 B

Feedback: Amidst Covid-19 , when the world is reeling from 

it ;these sessions in continuum by the facilitators ,apart from being motivational  made  us acquainted with the concepts like Concentration n Intuition etc.enabling us to cultivate and practice it in our daily lives !!!

Name : Aadit Shah

Class : X – A

Feedback: The session conducted today on Mindfulness  , by Rajinder Sir was great. The tips about how to increase concentration were really good. The situations which he described, such as a day before our board exam, were actually relatable, because I guess every student might go through that situation. I also liked the little games that they have conducted, like the one with Kiki, were also cool and taught us to trust our gut. I wish that we have more sessions and classes like this one. I’d also like to thank Rosy Ma’am and everyone else who took the initiative for this.

Name: Kena patel

Class:10 B

Feedback:Today’s session was very informative and at the same time fun too we enjoyed a lot doing activity and interacting with sir and mam and even learnt to deal with various types of situations in our life and to be cheerful in whatever we do

Name: Dhruhi soni

Class:   X A

Feedback: today’s class was very interesting. I had like to thank our guest Rajinder sir n Rachita ma’am  to motivate us n learning us how to focus in our study and develop confidence. It was real fun . Thank you so much Rosy ma’am n all the teachers to conduct this type of session.

Name – Jaahal Gadhvi 

Class – 10 A

Feedback- I loved today’s class, as we got to talk to (more like, listen to) Rajinder Sir and Rachita Ma’am. Learning more about intuition, focus and confidence, was real fun. I wish we had more classes like these. The activities were a lot of fun. I’d like to thank everyone who brought this together for us.


Student Name—Raina Patel

Class —             VIII A                            

Feedback— Hello Ma’am, online classes are wonderful and good experience in time of crisis. Its always important to find ways during such period and we are very happy that school and teachers have find the way and arranged online study class. Its an experience for students as well. Thanks for taking care of Voice and video quality. Conceptual clarity is precise. Thanks for organizing online study.

Thanking you

Parent : Ms Mona Bhagat

Student : Ikshita Bhagat

Class: VI A

Feedback: Ma’am,it was an interesting session of sst  with  you..All my concepts are clear Thanks for sharing concept maps, mind maps and related pictures during the explanation ,it brought the feel of class room
Hope to spend more hours with you to learn more topics through this way.
Thank you so much Ma’am.

Parent : Hiral Soni

Student : Bhakti Soni

Class : VI B
Feedback: Nice way of learning… Nice initiative by teachers. Life long experience for kids… It makes the fruitful day for all the students.

Name: Aditi


Feedback: Mindfulness act helps us in the ways that how you can control your mind during this chaotic period where you need to balance your health and your studies.

It was really helpful to me. This helped me a lot today to think positive.And I understood chapter very well by Screen sharing features in zoom app used by Siddhi Mam.

  Name:Shaurya Anang patel

Class : 10th A

Feedback: It is very interesting way to study at home with the help of teachers in this type of situations..Our all doubts are being solved by Mam during the session.. We are thankful to school management and teachers for such helpful initiative.

Name : Barkha 

Class : 10 th B

Feedback : In today’s session .Mam explained  the topic through screen sharing of solution which made it easy to understand ,all the points were recapitulated step wise which made  the concept clear in mind . 

Thanks u Ma’am for teaching Maths through online class


Name- Sanvi Agarwal

Class-6 C

Feedback- It was a wonderful experience with you ma’am you explained chapter in very easy way… sanvi enjoyed whole session…


Name: Khushi Shah

Class: 6 C

Feedback: It was a wonderful session with you mam. You explained everything very perfectly. The topics were fully cleared when you even showed pictures related to it. I enjoyed it and also understood it.


Name: Swara Bhatt

Class: 6C

Feedback: It was a very nice session.Swara understood the concept clearly and it was a wonderful explanation of hindi grammar.


Name-Dharmi Vansjaliya

Class-6th C

Feedback-it was a very nice session with you.You explained very nice with pictures.dharmi understood it clearly.thank you mam


Name:- Mehak Lamba

Class:- 7-A

Feedback:- Today’s session was very good. Thank you mam for explaining each and every topic.Thank you mam for your efforts.


Name:- Heer Shah

Class:- 7th A

Feedback:- It was truly a learning class. Thank you mam for explaining multiplication of decimals and exercise 2.6. Thank you for your efforts.


Name – Jiya Rajani

Class – 7A

Feedback – Thank you mam for explaining poem as well as grammar nampad and kriyapad. Thank you so much mam for your great effort.


Name:- Nupoor dobariya

Class:- 7th A

Feedback:- Ma’am the class was amazing. All the doubts got clear. The experiments also helped to understand about how do heat transfer from one object to other. Thanks ma’am.


Name :- Nethra 

Class :- 7B

Feedback :- Enjoyed history class with bhairavi mam very much .

In today’s class we learnt the first chapter of history . We enjoyed learning about Al Adrisi , Cartographers, Maps , etc . We enjoyed history class very much


Name : Shimoli Shah

Class : 8 – A

Feedback : Concept was explained very nicely by the mam . Students understood the chapter very well..


Name : Pranjal Modi

Class: 8 A

Feedback: it was a wonderful session. Mam explained it very nicely. I would to praise all the teachers for their hard work.


Name: Diya Pancholi

Class: 9-A

Feedback: The session conducted was amazing n explanation was done wonderfully.


Name – Abhishek Patel

Class – 10 A

Feedback – Biology is a little bit hard for me but Abha ma’am is explaining this chapter very nicely. I am very lucky that my school has taken the initiative to teach students by having a meeting.


Name: Nandini Bhavsar

Class: 10th A

Feedback: I have learnt to get interactive through the class with technology. The new ways of teaching using different platforms allows me to discover the answer myself by a  discussion as when we are in the class the students do the sums on board and the others follow it whereas here we solve as an individual and  know how much we know


Name :Naunidh

Class :10 B

Feedback: We thank you from the  bottom of our heart for making us understand so well and taking so much of pain and  taking classes almost everyday .! The discussion of examples and exercise questions is heping us a lot .


Name: Barkha

Class: 10 B

Feedback : I understood all the examples it was explained in a nice way also I did the markings of imp sums which would really help me for boards. All the solutions of exercise were too made clear in my mind. Thank u mam


Name : Stuti Patel

Class: 8 A

Feedback: I enjoyed the session a lot.The mindfulness activity was really refreshing.The concept was clear.


Name: Navya Shah

Class: 8 A

Feedback : It was a wonderful session. The chapter was explained very nicely. The activity was really amazing…  I really enjoyed the session…


Name : Brinda Acharya

Class: 8 A

Feedback: I enjoyed the session a lot.The mindfulness activity was really refreshing.The concept was clear.


Name:- Mehak Lamba

Class:- 7-A

Feedback:- Today’s session was very nice. Excersise 2.7 was explained nicely. Thank you mam for explaining each and every topic.Thank you mam for your efforts.

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