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It was an amazing experience. You explained students very well in detail. It was an amazing session with you mam. Jaitra’s concept was clear very perfectly. Thank You Mam 😊
Jaitra N patel Std V- A

Educating the children via zoom app during this hard times is a great initiative. My child is also enjoying the sessions. Great efforts put by the teachers.
Neel patel Std V-C

Ma’m Malhar enjoyed d session.. Personally I loved your YouTube videos.. D way u explain.. Woow.. Well I find zoom a bit chaotic.. And if you send a YouTube video even I can sit and explain him d same thing again.. We can make notes.. We can refer the same thing again at anytime.. So I find YouTube is much better idea for you and for us too.. πŸ€·β€β™€
Thank you so much.. 😊
Malhar Vaishal Shah Std V-B

It’s a great experience for the students n also your hard work towards the students we are very appreciate to you all the teacher Thank you πŸ™πŸ»
Manav Shah Std V-B

Good evening Mam,
Zoom session was interactive and the children liked learning through the session.
Shreya Mishra Std V-C

Good Evening mam
Zoom session was very interactive,my child is enjoying.Thankyou mam for your great effort.
Shreya panchal Std V-C

Dear Madam,

Today’s session of maths was excellent student are able to learn about chapter of large number face value, place value and expand form.

Once again thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful platform and eagerness to make student learn it’s really benefited for all the student of class

*Soham Rajyaguru*std IV Sec A


I m extremely happy to have these online classes for the children
It’s a great initiative taken by the administration and teachers of the school .There is no loss of studies for children and their time is utilised in best possible way with the various interesting activities,worksheets given by the teachers and team .Grateful to all that at this crucial time also the school has taken such a wise and challenging step…πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Geetika Duggal
Meher Duggal Std V-A

Very nice effort mam our kid can keep practice of learning. Thank u for all yur support in these critical conditionπŸ‘
Diya patel Std V-C

Thank u so much madam for sharing these videosπŸ™
Aashi Parashar Std 3 Sec-A

Thank you ma’am, the session was very clearly visible and audible.
Matangi Std 3 Sec- B

The session was very nice nd explained very clearly to children.. the voice quality was also very clear . Thanks ma’am.
Allyah Berry Std 3 Sec- B

It was really nice session ma’am, rishabh told me that he enjoyed and understood everything…πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Rishabh Std 3 Sec-B

It was a nice and informative session thank you mam— Aarush Chakrovarty 3C

Thank you for such nice information session rudra enjoy every session – Rudra 3C

Dear Mini Madam

This was the the Great zoom conference wherein student are able to you understand this lesson.

It’s really effective way of utilising lockdown time and continue the education system
Soham Rajyaguru IVA

Good afternoon ma’am,

EVS Zoom session was really very understandable. My child could get the clear idea very easily and properly of the chapter that was explained i.e. ‘How to respect our parents and teachers ‘. Secondly I would like to thank the teachers for adjusting the time slots for me.
Name of the student : Darsh Jagpal 4th A

The evs session was fantastic. Harshi understood the concept well.she enjoyed the session.
Student name
Harshi Gupta
Class 4 C

Shweta Gupta

Ma’am the session was very interesting. Concept was beautifully explained by u.Harshi enjoyed it.
Harshi Gupta Std lV Sec C ( new admittee)

Greetings Madam – On an onset thanks for conducting online session. It was pretty interactive and kids have really enjoyed it. Much appreciated the effort by you and the school in this testing time.JiyaShahIVB

Great session ma’am thankyou. Kids are enjoying being in touch with their teachers n friends!
Mihika Shah IVB

Dear maam,
It was really nice online session. Kidos kids r enjoyed a lotThank you ma’am and school menegment team
Gatha Patel IVB 😊

Vihaa Shah – 1- B
Hello mam..was a very good session…if u can just give some sort of homework or home based activity to do..so we can make thme practice at home today…thank you for the sessionπŸ‘πŸ»
Yes Madam Meeting was Appreciated.

Jiyansh langaliya 1-B
Yeah we enjoyed… It is always a diff learning. Good efforts from your end and valuable guidance to us. πŸ‘

Freya Jadeja Vrinda: 1-B
Thank you, Mam for the efforts that you are making to teach the children online. We assure you to try our best to support you. Freya has also started enjoying the class now and she waits for her zoom class to start.

Ravneet Arora 1- B
Respected Mam
Thank you for such a detailed session on zoom that too with good examples. It has made the understanding much easier for the kids.
Also Mam it has made things easy for us parents as now we can also teach with the same method as taught by the teacher
Thank you Mam thank you so much πŸ™

Thank you Sanjna Ma’am for interesting session for kids. I appreciate all school teachers for this effort and providing useful worksheets.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Thank you ma’am for amazing session. They are not just learning English but also getting well versed with Technology. Highly commendable jobs of all teachersπŸ™πŸ»β€
Thanks mam for taking such initiative, really it will be a helpful to all students.
True ma’am..If doctors are saving lives, you are saving future of Nation.. because we can’t predict till when this situation will prevail
Std V Sec B

Good evening ma’am,
During such COVID 19 crises where the entire world is lockdown and it seems that everything has come to a standstill.

We are so much thankful to the entire teaching staff of St.kabir who are tremendously working hard for our kids just to keep them engaged and stay connected with their studies.

We appreciate a lot and now quite relaxed when it comes to our child studies..
Every teacher is available on phone or email for any query raised..
We appreciate and thank you for your support and dedication for our child’s development despite the crisis.

Thanks and Regards,
Komal Jain
M/o Ojas Jain
Std V



1) We are enjoying this way of learning and it is also helpful to us. Teacher are trying there best in teaching the students. This is the new experience for us and because of the hard work of teacher they are understanding it clearly.

Thank you,
Navya Patel 10 th b

2) Esteemed mentors
Today in this grossly tough situation, many people like doctors , police personnels and many more are working day and night but there are also those who are contributing towards the betterment of society but their efforts are hardly acknowledged. They are our respected teachers. They are the ones who keep the flame of knowledge alive in us.
The ongoing digital classes including WhatsApp content and Zoom sessions are effective enough to keep us connected to the curriculum. Everyday when I sit for the class in the morning , I feel very enthusiastic. The teachers make us feel so comfortable.
Hats off πŸ‘’ to my respected Principal ma’am and worthy teachers !
Thank you
Sincerely yours
Vedha Arora
Class – X-B

3) Thank you ma’am for sending informative videos on basis of respective chapters. Its was really helpful….πŸ™

Manvi Kapoor XC

4) The teachers are playing an integral role amid this pandemic situation.
All the teachers are determined to teach with a motto that *Nothing should obstruct the process of learning*. All the efforts they are putting are truly commendable . They understand the real importance of education in the crucial stage of the academic journey of a child that is .. 10th standard . The teachers are always ready to help with any doubt that the child might have during the course of learning.

Hats off to them!

Tanish Jha XB

4) Good afternoon madam. I am Trupti, Aakanksha’s mom. The work showcased by stkabir team is worth remarkable. During lock down, I was worried as my daughter is in 12. I was worried how she will be able to prepare for her boards and entrance exams. But due to efforts put forward by stkabir team for online classes and e learning. I am satisfied that she can prepare for her exams. I can see her preparing in front of my eyes. I am so glad by the efforts. Secondly everything is done systematically. Classes are scheduled on time and teachers are putting efforts for preparation. Everything is done in flawless manner. Heads off to stkabir team.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸ‘πŸΌ

5) Respected Principal
Supervisiors and Teachers 

It’s almost  fortnight  that you have continuously looking after children right from morning till late evening and sometimes at night hours also, when student request to clear doubts irrespective of visualising teachers situation and/or circumstances..

However you have always came to rescue and guide them the manner in which a student is able to receive  your instructions in proper, easy and it’s true perspective manner.

True it is that since last almost fifteen days the parents work in relation to make ready, prepare lunch box, shoes polish and drop and pick up from school is not in existence which has definitely helped me as a parent over and above the child is in front me has given me an opportunity to visualise the manner in which he/she is completing work, cope up ability and has also given a chance to be more precise about the method of teaching by st.kabir teachers…

Sincerely I am thankful to you for providing a continuous knowledge of different subjects to student in present circumstances of lock down…and also remain present throughout to make all doubts clear…

The above online work has not only shifted a substantial part of parents work vis-a-vis their children but it is the St.kabir teachers and staff who have shouldered responsibility on their own and at present discharging their pious obligations with much more dedication not restricting the same only up to a representative of St.Kabir institution… but has to cast a spell over students to complete work regularly and perform to the best of their abilities..

At the end of the day, at present, we are working in reverse manner where huge responsibility is shouldered on Top to bottom i.e. from Principal, as to function of not only completing daily educational classes but has to perform a true leadership role to motivate subordinate and colleagues to join and motivate students to remain present in respective online classes and to answer doubts with calmness…simultaneously teachers are motivating the students to do work and familiar with the method of e.education…without bothering about their own situations throughout the day..

I hope and trust that in present scenario St.kabir staff will feel free to contact for any assistance….

Thanking you..
“Stay Safe” πŸ™

Parents of: Aakanksha Savjani (XII), Jeneel Savjani (IX)
Trupti R Savjani , Rajesh K Savjani

6) Dear Principal ma’am , coordinator ma’am& St. Kabir educators, During this lockdown time we were really worried abt our kids studies. But this is great help provided by St. Kabir team by taking this initiative of online teaching. We are really very happy with our kids day to day studies. Also this add on zoom class has given the kids exposure of modern technology and learning as fun. They hv become more responsible also of completing their wk and submitting on time to respective educators. Teachers providing the contents through videos hv made the contents more clear to them. Although we can understand tht it has made the wk of teachers more difficult and they are taking so much pain in making their kids clear to the contents. Also they are always ready to help them nd clear their doubts. I am really grateful for this gesture to entire St. Kabir team . Thanks a ton. πŸ™ Regards Parents of Akshat Berry 9th B

7) Respected ma’am
Due to ongoing situation we are not able to attend school , but instead we are learning online through zoom e-learning sessions.through this method we are able to learn our concepts clearly and are also enjoying.we are clear in our day to day learning process and if any doubt occurs while learning teacher’s support is always with us.for clearificaton of doubts teachers always help us without considering the time.we respect school’s decision of e-learning and would like to thank each and every efforts of teachers and principal ma’am to help and guide us in studies inspite of the current situation.

Thank you,
Soham Patel (Xth B)

8) Dear Madam,

Today’s session of maths was excellent student are able to learn about chapter of large number face value, place value and expand form.

Once again thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful platform and eagerness to make student learn it’s really benefited for all the student of class
Soham Rajyaguru

9) Dear Mam,
Thanks for putting such great efforts and bringing out best way to keep children engaged in learning in this situation of crisis.
Thanks a lot…πŸ™πŸ™

Ishaan Bhagnani

10) The efforts put in by school management and pain taken by all teachers to becoming tech savvy and adopt newer means of connecting with the students is praiseworthy. I extend my gratitude to everyone at St. Kabir for teaching to their students and addressing their academic concerns in such situations. Thanks and keep going all the times.
Kiran Pandya ( On behalf of Daivik Pandya Xth B)

11) Respected Ma’am.
Words are not enough to express my gratitude for my respected teachers and Principal ma’am . I Manveer Singh Malhotra student of class 10 B thank one and all from the bottom of my heart . Homeschooling is going well. Zoom lectures conducted by teachers are highly appreciable. It is the supreme art of teacher to educate their children while sitting at home. Once again thankyou everyone for this noble act.
Thanking you !

12) Respected mam,Yesterday’s maths session was interesting & I understood all the concept which were taught by mam.

Thank you mam
 Std 4th A 
Yamini Patel

13) Myra Chaudhari Sr kg B_
It’s amazing mam… new concept  ……it’s a kick start for them every morning ….. As kids feels connected to their teacher and its a regular schooling for them ….. βœ¨βœ¨πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Kids are enjoying it 🧿🀩🀩
14) Ayaan Shah Sr kg A
     GA. Thank you mam for providing nice coaching to the students in these lockdown situation. Students are getting motivated to learn, they have started doing homework and getting attached to study again which was very much required. Thanks
15) Devasya Kumar-Jr kG -D
    Thanks to you also ma’am for putting efforts for the excellent teaching session.  We all can understand it’s tough to teach online with these small kids. Thanks to Deepa ma’am for regular update and guidance. We (you and all parents) can help each other to get better results out of these sessions.
16) Kiana Sarjan Shah – Intro . A
      Great session ma’am. Thankyou. Kids are enjoying being in touch with their teachers n friends!    
17) Shivansh Patel- Sr. K. G. C
   Online classes are very informative and helpful for kids to understand new syllabus. Thanks a lot mam for putting great efforts for study. πŸ™πŸ™

I appreciate your determination in showing the path for kids thanking you for your perseverance, support, and love! Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered. Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help to the future Leaders prepared by all hard working teachers. Thank you.



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