St. Kabir School, Naranpura Learns More about Safety & Rescue Operations at Memnagar Fire Station and About Biodiversity at Sundervan

On 3rd February, Friday the students of Grade 5 along with their teachers visited the Fire Station at Memnagar. They were shown the various equipments and vehicles used in case of dire emergencies. They also learnt about the different types of Fire Extinguishers through the demonstration conducted by the firemen there. The firemen clarified many students’ doubts and answered to their queries very patiently and perfectly. The students learnt about the kind of diversified operations that the firemen undertake thereby rescuing so many people day in and day out.

Students further visited Sundervan, the mini zoo and learnt a great deal about the vivacious Biodiversity that nature offers to us. The students visited the Birds’ section and fed the ducks, turkeys etc with some herbs. It was a wonderful scene wherein the children were so close to these beautiful birds in open. They saw the Aquarium and learnt about the various species of Fishes and their habitats. They further visited the Snake Houses and saw the different types of snakes, python, crocodile, lizards etc. They were awed with the Snake Show exhibited by the personnel from Sundervan. They were told about certain very interesting facts and features about the snakes in India and other countries. The students’ misconceptions about the snakes got cleared to much an extent by this visit.

The students were happy and delighted to be amidst nature with different types of plant species around in the form of grasses, herbs, shrubs, bushes, small trees, tall trees esp. the native species like Neem, Peepal, Tamarind etc. They were thrilled to see the bats hanging upside down on some trees. Many students enlightened each other by sharing their knowledge about certain species with the group.

The learning from the trip is huge indeed!

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