I remember my grandmother had a cow at home and all the vegetable waste and left over food was relished by it – and also by the street dogs. We never needed a dustbin to throw wet waste. With the effects of industrialization and change in consumerism, things started getting different. We moved to an apartment where keeping any domestic animal wasn’t possible and then we started putting the kitchen waste in a bin, with the progressing time, I came to know it as wet waste. As the time passed, the size of bin increased and the types of waste also became different. Now the waste not only includes wet waste but also dry waste like plastics, electrical or electronic items, glass, metallic items and so on.

Once while moving through Pirana, with everyone travelling with me, I felt like vomiting and there I got to know – where the used and undesired valuables of the big bin go. I started collecting information and am still stunned with the horribly amazing facts that came up.

We are known to mainly 4 types of wastes. They are: Domestic waste, nuclear waste, Industrial waste and Medical waste.

These all wastes are hazardous for the nature. But after reading much, I felt that pollution of air; water and land that are also caused by domestic waste can be controlled and reduced by us. They are in our – the general public’s- hands and motives. We all know that before twenty years we never needed a water purifier or R.O plant at homes. The huge amount of improper waste generation without effective management of it has now made a compulsion to purify water. Purified or RO processed water lacks the required essential minerals in it and thus cause many deficiencies. Same is the case with air and land. Polluted air is causing different diseases and land is reverting in different way.

I am petrified, I am scared. If this is the case today what will be my future? How much would I have to pay, by all means, for a single sip of the blue gold, for a single breathes and so on…

And thus, on behalf of growing future, with lots of love and only one expectation, I urge my elders to please segregate waste at the place of its generation. Start composting in a pot in a safe and open area of our dwelling place and use most of the putrid waste in it and stop addition in the landfills….

We know you can’t give us the same environment that you had received from your past generation but Please….Please leave for us as it is today…. Without worsening it more…..

Save us…. Save the generation for which you are only responsible….


By: Aastha Adesra (VII)

St. Kabir School, Naranpura





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