NOVEMBER –The month of Exploring.

Our young explorers of St.Kabir (DIO ) had an amazing month of educational field trips.Grades 1 to 4 had trips planned at different places with the objective of developing curiosity, knowledge, experiences and life skills.

The students of grade 1 had their field trip to Kankaria Zoo.They were given the knowledge of treating and caring Wild animals in the cage, the Do’s and Don’t’s of Animal Care and were asked to differentiate the animals into categories of Wild, Pet and Domestic animals as per their knowledge gained. They had a fun and frolic time watching the animals and exploring their lifestyle.

1 1a

The students of grade 2 were taken to the Traffic Park, near Rupalee Cinema hall.The Traffic Policeman accompanied  the students and explained them about 2 way lane roads ,zebra crossing ,Traffic signals, mini bus with bus station, Under bridge, over bridge , Railway crossing with Traffic barricade, Petrol Pump , four cross way with signals on both the sides, along with the precautions that are to be taken on the road when we are on the road.The ambiance of the traffic park gave them the view as if they were on the street, beautifully made along with footpath on the sides of the road. Different sign boards were also on the roads like “Parking zone”, “Zebra crossing”, “No overtaking”, “No left Turn”, and so on.

2 2a

 The students of  grade 3 went for an educational field trip to Kankaria Kids City. Students with their parents reached  the venue and gained knowledge of different activities, for example Police station, court room, Fire station, Ice cream factory ,Theatre  etc. They learnt regarding their functioning  and regulations. All parents enjoyed their day out with kids and appreciated it a lot .They all were very happy too and thanked the school management for conducting such activities.Students were enlightened with the importance of traffic rules and safety by a short movie.

3 3a

 The students of grade 4 had a  field trip to Sardar Patel Muesum at ShahibaugThey had a very good time acquiring knowledge on Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and  many freedom fighters. The trip initiated with a small movie on the life of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.After the movie, the students went to explore the muesum wherein, they learnt about his political career and also regarding other freedom fighters.Finally they saw all the paintings with description of all the freedom heroes and tested their learnings through quiz in the multimedia hall.

4b 4a

 It indeed was an informative trip for both the students and their parents.

All parents enjoyed their day out with kids and appreciated it a lot .They all were very happy too and thanked the school management for conducting such activities.


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