Little Kabirians exploring & Interacting with the Community Helpers

When one neighbour helps another we strengthen our Community

Little Kabirians were all set to start the day by exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature early in the morning at 7.30 on 4, August 2018 at Parimal garden. This trip was to develop a better understanding about different types of plants as a part of their Environmental Science curriculum and theme based project Neighbourhood and Community Helpers.

The students were excited and curious to know what they would be doing in the garden. Mrs Stella introduced the students to the community helper “The Watchman” of the garden and they were told about his duties. They were headed towards the Asoplava tree and were explained about the parts like the roots, trunk, branches and leaves. Few more trees were shown to them like the Neem , Coconut, Palm and Banyan. They were explained about various shapes of leaves by showing various specimens and the roots of the plants were even shown to them. The explanation was followed by showing an aquatic plant the lotus. They explained about the climber Bougainville and the students were surprised to see how they climb and spread out. The students were able to differentiate between Herbs and Shrub by actually looking at the plants. They were amazed after having a close look at the colourful flowers. Finally before ending the session the children were made to do few yoga exercises to rejuvenate them after the informative trip.

 The next Pitts stop was the Police Station. The Little Kabirians were inquisitive to know what’s going to happen at the Police Station. The students reached the Gujarat University Police Station by 9.00 am. They entered the police station with many questions in their mind. Mr. Hemant Patel Explained to the kids about the wireless communication they use and showed the PI’s office to the children. He also explained to them that they should call 100 in case they fall in trouble. They were amazed to see the jail. Ms. Saloni explained about the duties performed by the policemen and how they work day and night to keep the city safe. They were even showed the gun used by the officers. They were explained about different sections and were showed registers they use to maintain records of the crime done. Students got to see the finger print machine used to keep record of the criminals. The questions that they had in mind when they entered were all answered by the end of the enlightening session.

The final destination was the Post Office. The students had seen the postman at their doorstep but were excited to see actually from where the letters reach them. Students reached the Navrangpura Post office by 10.00 am all enthusiastic to know more about how the post office works. They were taken through all the counters and were explained about what work is done on each counter. They were shown stamps, envelopes and parcels. Ms. Richa explained importance of a postman and how they are hard working and work 365 days for us. Students were taken to the sorting area of the post office where letters are sorted and given information about how the sorting is done. They were given knowledge about the post man having a specific Beat No from which they are identified and also about pin code of different areas. They also saw the post box. At the end of the trip they all had a smile on their little faces happy to gather knowledge about the Post office.

The trip was filled with lot of fun, excitement and learning how important community helpers are for the smooth functioning of the society. The students took back with them a bag full of information and respect for the Community Helper’s.NAV (3)

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