LEARNING FOSSILS BEYOND TEXTUAL WORLD Kabirians’ Educational Tour to Balasinor Fossil Park

A hands-on demonstration while on excursion makes the process of learning a little easier. St. Kabir School, Naranpura, organized such learning excursions for the students of grade VIII and went to Dinosaur Fossil Park and Museum, Balasinor.
It was an enchanting and enlightening experience for the students beyond the textual world with the princess of Balasinor and the guide, Ms. Aliya Babi.
The students had an insight of the royal palace and also had a sumptuous breakfast at the palace of Balasinor after which they proceeded to the Dinosaur Fossil Park which is an excavation site for dinosaur fossils. They got to know about the shape and texture of the bones of different body parts of different dinosaurs. Children also had a lot of fun exploring the fossils of some of the dinosaurs on their own.
After exploring some fossils, students went to the Dinosaur Fossil Museum where they learnt about the different eras when the dinosaurs evolved aand how they extinct. The tour helped them know about the variety of dinosaurs found globally and within Gujarat like Rajasauras Narmadensis.
Students were exposed to the way paleontologists work and the significance of learning about past.They were also shown a movie on the habitats and living of the dinosaurs and how the species got extinct from the earth.The students also got a chance to hold the fossils and the dinosaur eggs in their hands.
With the experience to interact with the past, students returned with their pockets filled with positive attitudes and extended zeal for learning, fulfilling the motive of St. Kabir School.

The students after having a royal lunch at the palace of Balasinor returned home with great knowledge about something outside their regular syllabus. The students went out of their comfort zones exploring something new to them.

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