As an educational institution we have the great privilege to IMPACT our students’ life positively. We feel it’s our responsibility to keep our students focussed while pursuing education in all kinds of challenging circumstances so that the spark in them always remains ignited.

Our attempt to stay connected with our students through online classes even during the lockdown has been welcomed with great zeal by the parents .

We sincerely thank the parents for showering us with overwhelming feedback because it’s always the little decisions that create the biggest impact !!

Vedha AroraClass – X-B
Esteemed mentors
Today in this grossly tough situation, many people like doctors , police personnels and many more are working day and night but there are also those who are contributing towards the betterment of society but their efforts are hardly acknowledged. They are our respected teachers. They are the ones who keep the flame of knowledge alive in us.
The ongoing digital classes including WhatsApp content and Zoom sessions are effective enough to keep us connected to the curriculum. Everyday when I sit for the class in the morning , I feel very enthusiastic. The teachers make us feel so comfortable.
Hats off my respected Principal ma’am and worthy teachers !
Thank you

Manvi Kapoor XC
Thank you ma’am for sending informative videos on basis of respective chapters. Its was really helpful….</hr/>
Ishaan Bhagnani
Dear Mam,
Thanks for putting such great efforts and bringing out best way to keep children engaged in learning in this situation of crisis.
Thanks a lot...🙏🙏  

Drive-in Building A

1.Parent of Aastha Adesara 9th B
*It is a very good initiative.  My daughter loves the way revision is conducted through google classroom. We know that because of corona virus , students are not able to attend the classes at school. But with this app it becomes very easy for them to connect with the teachers and get a little smart every day. I personally am loving this initiative.

2 Parent of Gatha Joshi  9th B

*I personally feel that this is helping the students to revise in a more organized and efficient way. The daily based revision worksheets also help students maintain their grip on the studies.

A very good initiative for sure.

3.Parent of Vishrut Vyas 9th B

*Wonderful student centric initiative by the school. Thanks to all teachers for adaptation and carrying out of the revision sessions. Proud to be a part of St. Kabir family 


Harsh R Thakkar

Respected Ma’am
We are really thankful to all the teachers for conducting online classes through zoom and Google classroom app. It is so wonderful that in this difficult time we still get to learn. The online session are very outstanding & nice idea to teach students.💻💻💻

Hello This is Aarav Mehta’s Mom, Payal Mehta

I would like to share my thoughts regarding online classes.

We are very lucky parents and my kid is also very lucky that he is studying in st.kabir School.We all know current situation of today and we don’t know everything goes settled properly.But St.kabir school is very careful for their kid.They have started online study so that our child should not have to suffer from study.St.kabir all staff and all teachers are doing their best efforts in this lock down situation.. they are constantly thinking about their kids future…we are too much enjoying gogle class room activities and zoom classes.
This is very innovative concept of study .
I m proud of St.kabir school and Their whole staff. 


Aadit Shah
The Online classes are great as it is very helpful in continuing our studies and we can see our friends at the same time. So it’s just like being in class with everyone else, enjoying and learning at the same time. Thanks to the school and all the teachers for using this platform to help us continue our studies in this critical time.
</hr/> Vedanshi 2 B
When the mail was received that coaching will be started soon so Vedanshi was confused that without books how will I be able to learn but after watching festival video she was happy that watched almost four times n started explaining content to us ..simply amazing way..when other schools’s kids r just watching cartoons, our kids r having the concept of “Learn with fun”.. Instead of hard copy in form of books ,Vedanshi is enjoying learning n grasping quickly.Big thank you from Vedanshi for making learning enjoyable n innovative for them

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