Who said shopping is boring? ..St. Kabir DIO students visited to Reliance Mall

 “But when one is young one must see things, gather experience, ideas; enlarge the mind.”

This is quoted by the famous write Joseph Conrad, and we too believe in the same, one just cannot learn within the confined walls of the classroom, and hence, the students of St. Kabir DIO were taken to Reliance Mall, near ISKON, for a trip. Standard 3rd and 4th students were a part of this, with their parents.
The main purpose of the trip was that the children get a hands-on experience of the life outside the classroom, and see the practical implementation of the theories learnt in the classroom. Children were first taken for a floor walk, all around the store, they were shown each section, and explained what it had on the shelves. The Store Manager was explaining all what the various sections had, apart from the teachers too, who were actively participating and explaining and then quizzing the children. The children were questioned about the various quantities of measure, such as milligrams, grams and kilograms, liters and milliliters. They were shown various articles of each measure.
They were also shown and taken inside the warehouse and the cold storage.  Children were quite enthusiastic and overjoyed, to see the various articles, meanwhile, the Store Officials had also arranged activities for the parents- treasure hunt!
In the end, the children were taken to the billing section, and teachers also explained that how the billing is done, they even asked questions regarding what they would pay, if they would buy certain article in multiples.
Lastly, parents and children enjoyed a lot and it was an educational experience for them.
Who said shopping is boring?

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