As the students entered the A.V. room beaming with confidence, the parents could not help without giving a glowing smile of pride. It was MD presentation in St. Kabir School (DIO) based on the different themes. The HM Rosie madam addressed the parents and the guests. The observers are from other branches graced the occasion. The students were very enthusiastic to show their performance. The performance of each child was judged in different parameters.

MD presentation was based on “Genius Hours” where students have selected the subjects and topics of their interest. They have done research work, prepared ppts,n compiled them and practiced for presentation on their own. This output was a result of training given by teachers from 5th to 7th std, which helped students to be independent confident, no stage fear etc and hence in 8th and 9th std they could perform confidently without the help of their mentors.

The theme of Std 9 was “Bhasha Sangam”. It aims to actively enhance interaction between people of diverse cultures living in different states and union territories in India; it marks the unique symphony of languages of our country.The theme of Std 8 was connected with Swacchagraha. Through the theme of MD presentation, all the students those who have not been able to be a part of Swacchagraha project were given a chance to know about Swacchagraha and become a Swacchagrahi themselves. The beautiful linking of waste management with studies made this presentation a class apart. Std 7 showcased there talent on Treasure our heritage, they connect it with monuments of India and relate it with math’s by showing the symmetries of the different monuments. Moving to the theme of std 6, their MD was based on Preserve Precious Resources like Soil, water, trees, air etc and std 5 showcase their talent on theme Synergy.

The students were taught that confidence does not come when you have all the answers but it comes when you are ready to face all the questions. The students answered all the questions very nicely which were asked by other branch teachers. The students profusely thanked their school and teachers for providing them optimism to show their caliber. Their happy and confident faces betrayed the fact that these students did not know what stage fear is. Parents appreciated this concept as it helps in enhancing the confidence of the child along with the concept clearance of various topics.  




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