St Kabir School organized an honorable event on 13th of August to celebrate World Organ Donation Day “ Live beyond Life “ ! !

This was marked as the culmination event after the various activities done by the student – teacher team to spread awareness on the subject for bringing about a change in the society under its Design For Change ( DFC ) Project.

 The event was indeed a grand success as over 1200 donor cards were signed on this day!!!


At 8.15am Dr Manoj Gumber , a leading Nephrologist, who has performed over 3000 transplants, flagged of an awareness walk  of a kilometer to St Kabir School. Around 75 people consisting of Doctors, Recipients , Live donors and members of the Cadaver Donor Family along with other supporters walked in this Rally  carrying placards and posters with thought provoking slogans ,shouting inspiring  messages on awareness .

1a rally walking towards kabir 1b rally at sanchi gate at kabir 1c rally entering the sanchi gate at kabir

Dr. Manoj Gumber and the Founder of Rajasthan kidney Foundation Shri Jaynrayan Pandey , who have been supporting St Kabir for this noble cause , were welcomed warmly for the event by the School Management.

2a welcome to founder of Rajasthan Kidney Foundation 2b welcome to Dr gumber

Overwhelming support was received from the parents of the students of St. Kabir as they turned up on time for the function in large numbers to sign a donor card and to endorse their support in favour of the school in this noble mission.

After the formal invocation to Goddess Saraswati ,  the program began with a power point presentation by the heads of the student council.

3 saraswati vandana

This  PPT exhibited  all the activities done by the school ,  like conducting  surveys in the society through filling up of questionnaires , studying  the analysis of the research work done by Dr Gumber and IIM faculty Prof Dheeraj Sharma , inter house slogan making contest , in house quizzes , inter branch  awareness skit contest , skit performances at various educational institutions  HL college , St Xaviers , Mt. Carmel, Anand Niketan , Udgam  to spread awareness etc .

4 ppt presentation by student

The live performance of the awareness skit “ANNT BHALAA TO SAB BHALAA “ scripted by the Creative Advisor of the school , was one of the highlights of the event , which got a standing ovation, through which all the sensitive points for awareness were wisely conveyed, by the theater club students.

5 skit performance

The quiz club students then played quiz masters and conducted an interesting interactive quiz for awareness, for the live audience present there.

packed audience

The audience went through some emotional moments when a Std 5 student of St Kabir Naranpura Branch , Mahir Ghadiyali  shared his experience about his battle with cancer since the time he was in senior kg  and how the  timely transplant of stem cells by a kind live donor in Germany had helped him acquire a second life.

6 mahir ghadiyali

 His father made an important point by saying that they got the donor from Germany because they could not get one in India, due of lack of awareness in India on this subject and that is one of the reasons for him  to support this awareness programme in India.

Mr Piyush,   a young ,  cross over recipient , served as an inspiration to many, when he shared his experience of being an active and successful  professional  photographer and a gym trainer even after years of transplant !

7 cross over recipeint mr piyush - photogrpaher cum gym instructer

However, the sharing of experience,  by a member of a cadaver donor family served as a role model for all in the audience , when she shared how proud her family was  today, for having  taken a timely decision to donate the organs of her mother in law  Mrs Sushila on being declared brain dead , even in the hour of grief , for saving someone’s life !

8 cadaver donor family members being honoured

She also  applauded the efforts of the school  for spreading awareness on this sensitive subject and also mentioned that she could relate and connect so well with all the sequences shown in the awareness skit .

The founder of Rajasthan Kidney Foundation Shri Jaynarayan Pandey,  who also is incidentally a recipient himself ,  expressed his wholehearted support in the school’s mission by way of issuing donor cards for all to sign at the end of the event .

Director Sir, Director Madam and Deputy Director Madam of the school , released an awareness booklet written by Dr Gumber,  specially meant for Doctors , with posters and slogans made by Kabirians on the front cover !!

9a booklet release by director sir and madam - first slot9b booklet release by puja madam in second slot

A beautiful Shield  and certificate was presented on behalf of Rajasthan Kidney Foundation and Research Centre , to the Directors of the School for “ Remarkable Contribution towards Community Services “.

11a director sir and madam receiving trophy for remarkable community services11b puja madam received certifiate for remarkable community services

A lovely shield and certificate was also presented to the Creative Advisor of the school for “Outstanding Diligence” in creatively conceptualizing and designing a solicitous project for promoting a noble cause.

12 creative advisor receiving trophy for outstanding diligence

The high point of the event was when all the lights in the auditorium were switched off for a while and all in the audience raised their hand with their torch lights ON , in their mobiles, as the oath was administered for spreading the light of awareness in the society.

13a audience taking oath first slot13b audience taking oath second slot

After the oath all in the audience went up to the registration counter where the responsible members of student council and volunteers guided them through the process of signing a donor card.

14a registrations by  parents-1 14b registrations by parents -2

All the ones who signed the donor card on this event were pinned up with a special badge by student volunteers and were found rushing to pose proudly with their signed donor card  in the “selfie corner “  with a placard saying

 “ I HAVE …….HAVE YOU ?”

14c selfie corner

All these noble hearted people,  on the way out of the campus , were given a firm hand shake , by our students with “ THANKS FOR BEING THE CHANGE “!

We at Kabir believe  ….if Charity begins at “home”…….the whole world is our “family “!

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